Chapter 690: Text Messages on the Phone (41)

    Chapter 690: Text Messages on the Phone (41)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    When Mother Qiao finished speaking, she turned her head and stroked Qiao Anhao's shoulder to comfort her. "Don't be afraid, Qiao Qiao. Uncle and auntie are here. I'd like to see what she does!"

    "If it's not that little bitch, then who could it be!" Han Ruchu, at this moment, had already lost her mind.

    Mother Qiao grew increasingly angry with Han Ruchu's repeated words "little bitch". "Han Ruchu, could you watch that mouth of yours. Just who are you calling a little bitch?

    "Let me tell you, even if it was Qiao Qiao who broadcasted the recording, what are you really going to do? You've done such outrageous things, and yet afraid to let people know about it? You think the Qiao family is easy to bully, don't you?"

    Mother Qiao and Han Ruchu's argument raised a lot of eyebrows nearby and drew a lot of people's attention.

    Xu Wanli had already stood up from his seat and walked over to Father Qiao. He then said, "Look, there are so many people watching. Can we talk about this when we get home?"

    People shouldn't underestimate Mother Qiao for her usual warm and gentle personality, agreeing to anything Father Qiao said. When the occasion arose, if she didn't want to fallback, even Father Qiao didn't dare to mess with her.

    What's more, Qiao Anhao was related to Father Qiao by blood, not Mother Qiao. Since his own wife was protecting his niece like this, who was he to stand out and shut it down. Naturally, he stared at Mother Qiao without making a sound.

    Mother Qiao let out a "Hmpf".

    "F*ck talking about this when we get home! I'm telling you all, from this moment forth, the Qiao family and Xu family no longer have any ties. We will never be in contact again! How could you pick on our daughter out of nowhere?! Do you think that we, the Qiao family are weak sauce?! You've hit someone in the face, and you want them to kneel over for you? You wish!"

    Mid-way through the aunt's speech, a teary-eyed Qiao Anhao almost couldn't hold back her laughter.

    She had never imagined that her aunt, who only went to work or played mahjong, would actually know how to use internet slang.

    "Do you really think that your daughter is good? Do you really think that little bitch is a match for our Jiamu?" Suddenly, Han Ruchu raised her hand and pointed a finger at Qiao Anhao. "Her baby deserved to die, because it was..."

    "Enough!" roared Xu Jiamu, who had remained quiet all this time. He had suddenly screamed for he knew exactly what his mother was going to say. He abruptly got up and tugged on Han Ruchu's arm. "Have you had enough? Or is this not embarrassing enough for you?"

    As he said that, he dragged his mother and walked right out the door with a hostile look on his face.

    When he passed Qiao Anhao, his feet slightly halted. He really wanted to look at Qiao Anhao and tell her he was sorry, but he never raised his head. He just stopped for half a second, then dragged his mother straight out.


    Xu Jiamu dragged Han Ruchu all the way out of the Beijing Club without bothering for her cries of "Jiamu, let go of mama". He didn't stop until he reached the Xu family's car.

    After seeing them, the housekeeper, who was sitting in the car, hurriedly got out. "Madam, young master, what's going on?"

    Xu Jiamu didn't even bother with her, directly pulling the car door open and shoving Han Ruchu inside. "Go home!"

    He then suddenly slammed the car door shut.

    Han Ruchu hastily pushed the door open. "Jiamu, where are you going? Are you not coming home with mama?"
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