Chapter 692: Explanation (1)

    Chapter 692: Explanation (1)

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    Xu Jiamu lowered his eyes and raised his hands, then pulled out a stack of papers from his bag and handed it to Han Ruchu.

    She looked at him, and hesitated for a moment before taking the papers and flipping through them to find that they were printed text messages of logs from China Mobile.

    Han Ruchu used the lights from the roadside to take a closer look for a while. Then, she understood that these were text messages sent between Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian on Chinese Valentine's day.

    After staying quiet for a long time, Xu Jiamu finally said, "During those four days when Qiao Qiao was in the hospital, the phone was at our house. Can you tell me who sent these texts under Qiao Qiao's name?"

    Han Ruchu didn't say a thing, her fingers lightly trembling with the printed texts in her hand. After a while, she raised her head and asked, "Jiamu, where did you get this?"

    Xu Jiamu closed his eyes. "We've already reached this point now. Are you honestly concerned about who is setting you up behind your back? The problem is, this isn't a set up, it's the truth!

    "You knew my brother liked Qiao Qiao, am I right? You used Qiao Anhao as bait to draw him in, so he agreed to impersonate me, am I right? Then you couldn't bare to see him happy when you found out that Qiao Qiao had a date with him on Valentine's day, so you ruthlessly pushed her down the stairs. After that you took her phone and sent those messages to my brother, didn't you!"

    As Xu Jiamu roared, his eyes suddenly turned red. "My dad is the one who wronged you, not my brother's mother, nor my brother. Wake up! This was all Xu Wanli's fault! Why haven't you dealt with him? Why do you have to deal with them? What have they done wrong?!"

    "It was that shameless Qiao Anhao, am I right? It was Qiao Anhao who did this, am I right?" cried Han Ruchu suddenly while holding the papers.

    At that moment, Xu Jiamu didn't quite know what to do. He raised a hand to rub his forehead and let out a deep sigh. He said, "You really disappoint me."

    With those simple words, he yanked his hand from Han Ruchu's grasp.

    "Jiamu, don't go..." she said, then as though she had just thought of something, she turned her head and shot a glance at the housekeeper.

    The housekeeper instantly understood what Han Ruchu meant and immediately said, "Young master, I took Miss Qiao's phone and sent those messages. Madam didn't know about them. It was all me, don't blame madam..."

    "Enough!" Even though Xu Jiamu didn't turn his head to look at the two of them behind him, he clearly understood something in his heart. "Stop acting. Do the two of you really think I'm stupid? I know whose idea it was to push Qiao Qiao down the stairs. I believed that because you're my mother... the mother who raised me to be this big, I thought that, after having argued with you for so long in this cold war, you would have reviewed yourself... you would of known where you went wrong... you would of understood what your son cares about, and then you would have respect for your son.

    "But in reality, I was wrong.

    "Honestly speaking, I have no idea who gave me these text logs. I received them earlier today by anonymous express delivery, and yet you are so certain it was Qiao Qiao who did it.

    "From the beginning, you never thought about the fact that you were in the wrong. You always stood at the best place from which you could make other people's lives miserable."
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