Chapter 695: Explanation(4)

    Chapter 695: Explanation(4)

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    Qiao Anhao asked leisurely, "Really? Auntie Xu, let's see who's the final one standing!"

    Qiao Anhao removed her ear piece, but when she was about to hang up, she suddenly thought of something - she placed the ear piece back to her ear and spoke sweetly. "Oh right, one more thing, I forgot to mention that I've already married Lu Jinnian. Your efforts to ruin him have all gone down the drain, I really want to know how you're going to continue your battle with him now that you lost his only Achilles heel."

    "You bitch..." Han Ruchu spat out through clenched teeth, but before she could finish her sentence, she started to cough violently.

    Housekeeper Xu's voice came through the phone, "Mrs. Xu, Mrs. Xu, are you alright?

    "Mrs. Xu, you vomited blood!

    "Call the ambulance, hurry..."

    Qiao Anhao took in the entire exchange without feeling a hint of guilt, instead, the arrogance and forcefulness she had on when she confronted Han Ruchu remained etched on her face.

    Han Ruchu, you were finally defeated for the very first time on the night of your birthday!

    Today, you remain beneath me!

    But no worries, from now on, everything has changed. From now on, you will never be able to rise again!


    On the way to her car from the public phone, Qiao Anhao received a call from Lu Jinnian.

    It was currently 11pm in Beijing and 10 am in America.

    Before his plane took off, he informed her about the emergency meeting he was going to have the moment he reached America, hence he didn't have time to call her. The flight was about fifteen hours and if she were to calculate, he should be done with his meeting by now or be having a break in the midst of it.

    Not entering the car, she found a bench beside the mall. Above her was a street lamp spilling a warm glow over her.

    Due to the late hour, there weren't many people in the mall, other than the occasional car driving past, the surroundings seemed too quiet.

    Lu Jinnian sent a video call request, and after she agreed, the screen went into darkness for about ten seconds before his face popped up.

    From his back view, he was probably in a hotel room. He had a bathrobe on and his hair was half wet from a shower.

    "Qiao Qiao?"

    "Yea," Qiao Anhao replied, before she could say another word, she saw the image of him on the screen frown deeply. "You're outside?"

    Lifting his head to look into his wrist watch, he said, "It's 11 pm in Beijing, why aren't you home? Are you alone outside? It's not safe."

    When he glanced at the time, the black strapped watch appeared in the corner of the screen. Qiao Anhao tightened her grip on the phone, her gaze fixed on the watch.

    Behind it, was there an ugly yet heartbreaking scar?

    After talking for a long while, Lu Jinnian realized that Qiao Anhao hadn't moved. Through the screen, he could see her gaze fixed on a corner. "Qiao Qiao? What's wrong? What happened?"
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