Chapter 702: Explanation(11)

    Chapter 702: Explanation(11)

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    Qiao Anhao had wanted to say "I too have been in love with you for thirteen years, my entire youth" but before she could say anything, the call cut off once again, leaving the words stuck in her throat.


    Qiao Anhao tossed the phone onto the bed. What was wrong with Lu Jinnian, how could he hang up on her twice!


    Lu Jinnian tossed the phone onto the bed once again. His soul seemed to have left him as he stood in the room in a daze for a long while. Gradually, happiness started to engulf him bit by bit, drowning him in an endless stream of joy.

    He thought - this was the first time in his entire life that he felt so excited, agitated, and overjoyed.

    That night when he felt like death and that text "Are you even worthy?" that still brought pain to his chest was not from her...

    Then who sent it.

    The question was quickly dismissed.

    To him, the scheme and pain were inconsequential.

    The scariest thought was to be despised by the woman he loved so deeply.

    But now, she told him that she never once despised him.

    He felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted, leaving him weightless and in a daze.

    The joy left Lu Jinnian in a daze for about ten minutes before he finally was able to collect his thoughts. He hurriedly picked up his phone to inform Lucy that he didn't need a doctor anymore.

    After hanging up, he clenched onto the phone, repeating the conversation he had had with Qiao Anhao. His lips curled upwards as a bright smile spread across his face.

    Qiao Qiao had never despised him...

    An unexplainable joy and satisfaction settled, sending his heart thumping rapidly once more.

    Only when a call came in did Lu Jinnian get back to his senses and glanced at the phone. His assistant was calling. Due to his good mood, Lu Jinnian didn't wait for the man to greet him before asking, "What is it?"

    The assistant had only gotten his number a few days ago, but even though he was back, he hadn't gone to Huan Ying Entertainment for work yet so there wasn't much interaction between the two of them. Even though they didn't talk much, the assistant could still remember that every time he called Lu Jinnian would remain silent, quietly listening to him without saying a single word, so the "What is it?" caught him off guard.

    He paused, startled for a moment, before diving to the main point. "Mr Lu, I'm calling to tell you that you were amazing tonight! You finally took revenge on Han Ruchu!"

    The name "Han Ruchu" placed a bad taste in Lu Jinnian's mouth and he frowned. But the unhappiness was quickly overshadowed by the joy from Qiao Anhao's conversation, so he didn't hang up, instead he asked, "What revenge?"

    "Mr. Lu, why are you asking me when you did it?"

    Lu Jinnian frowned. "Stop being ridiculous, I'm in America."

    "Uh?" the assistant exclaimed before adding in a daze, "Mr. Lu, you're in America? You didn't plan the scheme in the charity gala?"
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