Chapter 706: Scandal (3)

    Chapter 706: Scandal (3)

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    What did she mean by she's a woman who throws herself out there?

    Qiao Anhao felt like she was so angry she had a throat full of blood clots. She felt horrible.

    After that, there were a few comments supporting Lin Shiyi's.

    [Say... Do you think she watched far too many idol dramas? Does she really take herself for a princess in a fairytale?], [This is called delusional. She needs to go see a doctor and take meds.], [Usually, she looks like a delicate and weak lady, whose shy and reserved. I never imagined she was way more open than us behind our backs!], [Right now, everyone on the internet is calling her a man chaser and shameless. tsk-tsk-tsk... All in all, I'm embarrassed for her.]

    Then Lin Shiyi sent another message, [These kind of rich girls from wealthy families claim that they come from great backgrounds and upbringings, but they're bad to the bone. They haven't a clue what self-love is!]

    The screenshot stopped there.

    Lin Shiyi actually said that she didn't love herself? So when she was a side chick and slept with men for money, that was 'self-love'?

    Qiao Anhao held her phone and looked at the few screenshots Zhao Meng had sent her. All she could feel was a strong sense of rage rushing to her head. She was so angry, she couldn't speak and her fingers started to tremble.

    Man chaser, shameless, delusional, throwing herself at him, doesn't understand how to love herself...

    How has it been less than seven hours, and yet she's been associated with so many nasty tags?

    "Qiao Qiao, there's also this one. It's clearly a dig at you!" Zhao Meng looked even angrier than Qiao Anhao was as she shoved the phone in front of her. "Lin Shiyi is just so shameless! Her group was obviously targeting you."

    Qiao Anhao lowered her head and glanced at Lin Shiyi's group. After her scandal was exposed, there were three topics.

    The first one was a blog she shared from a well-known author of emotional intelligence books telling women to understand self-love. She even added a comment to say women who chase men are worth nothing!

    The second was a photo of a man with his back facing the mirror, kneeling in front of Lin Shiyi and outing a ring on her finger. Lin Shiyi's smile was so dazzling, as though all the happiness in the world was concentrated on her.

    The third was a photo with ACR in the background. She carried many shopping bags in her hands and beneath were the words 'My boyfriend says that if you love a woman, you give her the world's best. ACR only sells luxury items for classiest of people like me'.

    Qiao Anhao didn't need Zhao Meng to clarify it, she understood why Lin Shiyi sent those three messages to her friends circle. She wanted to show off her happiness and emphasize her tough situation.

    Still angry, Zhao Meng said, "Most people in this world can't bare to see people happy. Now... even a dog can curse you out to make itself feel better."

    In Lin Shiyi's group, there were quite a few people who were friends with Zhao Meng. Qiao Anhao saw that they either complimented Lin Shiyi or liked what she wrote.

    So it turned out that the world really was as Zhao Meng described... Everyone was making fun of her.

    Most importantly, the man that made the world ridicule her hung up on her twice and still hadn't left a voice message or text.

    This morning, Qiao Anhao felt a little crushed when she saw people cursing her out in the morning, so she dragged Zhao Meng out for a big meal to make her feel better, but now... at this very moment, she felt really down.
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