Chapter 707: Scandal (4)

    Chapter 707: Scandal (4)

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    Zhao Meng was furious, while Qiao Anhao, the actual person involved, was inevitably devastated, so Zhao Meng could only hold her anger in and comfort her friend.

    "Qiao Qiao... a few days back on the set of "Love at First Sight", Lin Shiyi must've felt terrible after Mr. Lu treated her like that. Can't you jump two steps back and let her say what she wants to make herself feel better?"

    Sometimes, Zhao Meng liked to stray from the topic. The first half of what she said started to make Qiao Anhao feel a bit better, so she nodded in agreement, and picked up her chopsticks, ready to start eating a table full of food.

    In the end, she had eaten just two pieces of fish when Zhao Meng digressed. "Qiao Qiao, don't even talk about... Lin Shiyi's boyfriend looks pretty rich to propose to her with a ring the size of a dove egg..."

    Qiao Anhao, who didn't have a wedding ring, felt completely down in the dumps.

    Don't even mention a diamond the size of a dove egg. Qiao Anhao didn't even have a little hundred RMB silver ring...

    She glanced over at her bare two fingers, hung her head, and put her chopsticks down.

    That was when Zhao Meng realized that she said something wrong. She quickly shut her mouth, and carefully sneaked a few glances over at her friend. Just as she was about to say something else to cheer her up, Qiao Anhao's phone suddenly rang.

    "Who's calling?" asked Zhao Meng. Seeing as Qiao Anhao didn't even react, she lifted her chin in curiosity, and saw the words "Lu Jinnian" come up on the screen, so she reminded Qiao Anhao in a surprised voice, "Mr. Lu is calling. Didn't you wait all afternoon?"

    Qiao Anhao rested both hands on her chin, turning her head over in no hurry. She glanced at it, then reached her hand out to pick up the phone.

    Zhao Meng thought that Qiao Anhao would take the call and return to how she was before; chatting, picking up her chopsticks to grab and drool over the sea urchin.

    But before Zhao Meng could put the sea urchin into her mouth, she saw Qiao Anhao's fingers casually swipe the screen. She didn't pick up the call, but hung up!

    Zhao Meng's hand shook, and the sea urchin in her chopsticks fell to the table. As she called the waiter over for a new cup of tea, she asked, "Qiao Qiao, why didn't you pick up?"

    Before the last word fell, Lu Jinnian called again. This time, it rang for about five rings before Qiao Anhao hung up on him again.

    "You've obviously been waiting for his call. Now that you've waited so long for it, you clearly want to pick it up, and yet you're acting all proud... what do you call this?"

    In the midst of Zhao Meng's speech, Qiao Anhao hung up another one of Lu Jinnian's calls.

    "I remember... it's that... your body is more honest than your words..."

    With Zhao Meng's words, Lu Jinnian called again. Before the phone could ring, Qiao Anhao ruthlessly cut it off.


    On the plane home, Lu Jinnian who hadn't rested well in a long long time was so excited that he didn't sleep for the entire fifteen hour journey. Instead, he sat there in a daze.

    When he reached Beijing International Airport, he got his suitcase and immediately walked over to the car park without any stops, and drove his car back to Mian Xiu Garden.

    It was just eleven in the afternoon at the time. According to his understanding of Qiao Anhao, she probably would have just woken up or might even still be asleep, as she slept late last night.
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