Chapter 710: Scandal (7)

    Chapter 710: Scandal (7)

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    The assistant tightly sealed his lips.

    He had a temper too... Mr. Lu, you don't want to hear it? Well, I don't want to tell you! In any case, you're the one who's going to be hurt in the end, not me.

    Although the assistant thought this way, his expression was still evidently a little embarrassed.

    He clearly had good intentions, and yet Lu Jinnian was so ungrateful!

    Lu Jinnian, who stood beside his assistant, opened the friends' circle and searched for Zhao Meng's message and clicked 'like' after the many 'likes' she received!

    Mmm... his heart was finally at peace.


    In front of the man they like, women, more or less, are a little unruly.

    As Zhao Meng said, slightly unruly women show off dependence on men, but men also show an indulgence for women.

    Qiao Anhao had hung up on Lu Jinnian seven or eight times now. Having pent up anger for all the things that had happened for such a long time now, she wanted to pick up the next incoming call from him.

    In the end, who knew... her phone actually was quiet. Lu Jinnian stopped calling.

    Qiao Anhao started to feel uneasy again. Even though she thought that she was right for hanging up on Lu Jinnian, but now, she couldn't help but question herself. Had she gone too far? Did she hang up on him for too many times?

    Zhao Meng and her had started hanging out together in middle-high, so she knew every move she was going to make. As she chewed on a scallop, she stared at Qiao Anhao with an expression that said 'you deserve it', then said, "That prick. Didn't pick up your call, and made you feel ashamed, this time he can feel ashamed..."

    As Zhao Meng said this, her line of sight suddenly focused in on one place, and she stayed there in a daze.

    Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows. "What's wrong?"

    Seing as Zhao Meng stared on with no reaction, Qiao Anhao followed her line of sight and turned her head.

    Zhao Meng was staring at the entrance where there was nothing out of the ordinary...

    Just as Qiao Anhao wanted to turn her head and ask Zhao Meng "Are you nuts?" she saw Lu Jinnian in a blue suit stepping into the Japanese restaurant.

    Qiao Anhao, who was just going to call Zhao Meng nuts, was truly completely nuts.

    Shouldn't Lu Jinnian be in America? He had an important meeting yesterday at three in the afternoon, and then he said he had to sign some kind of contract today... How was he here, now, in front of her?

    Qiao Anhao repeatedly blinked her eyes.

    She saw Lu Jinnian politely asking the waiter something, then his assistant behind him found her and Zhao Meng. He mentioned it to Lu Jinnian, who only shot him a fierce glare, as if annoyed he wasn't the first to see her. The assistant was so scared he took a step back.

    Qiao Anhao raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. It really was Lu Jinnian... He was actually back from America?

    Which meant that yesterday when he hung up her call he was rushing relentlessly back?

    An unspeakable feeling came charging into Qiao Anhao's soft heart, instantly dissipating the sorrow she had felt because he hung up on her, because he didn't contact her, because of getting cursed out online, because of Lin Shiyi's fired shots... It was all replaced with an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

    In truth, Zhao Meng wasn't even looking at Lu Jinnian. She was looking at a man in a peaked cap who continuously took secret photos of her and Qiao Anhao.

    At first, she had thought she was seeing things.
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