Chapter 711: Scandal (8)

    Chapter 711: Scandal (8)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Zhao Meng then purposefully paid attention to that man, but he managed to quickly hide away, which is why her eyes stared at the door like she was blanking out. When in reality she was focusing on the photographer from the corner of her eyes. After about five minutes, she finally caught him dead on!

    This morning, Qiao Anhao's scandal broke out. Now, there was someone following her and taking photos. If they took a photo of something bad, then she was afraid that it would cause a waterfall effect of bad news.

    Suddenly, Zhao Meng drew her eyes back, ready to warn Qiao Anhao when she suddenly stood up from her seat opposite Zhao Meng and turned around. Her eyes were transfixed ahead of her and her expression looked shocked with a hint of a feminine shyness.

    "Qiao Anhao, are you out of your mind..." Midway through Zhao Meng's sentence, Lu Jinnian jumped into her field of view. He stood there in front of Qiao Anhao, ignoring the many people around them taking photos with their phones. He lowered his head, and said in his clear and gorgeous voice, "Qiao Qiao."

    Lu Jinnian looked into her eyes with boiling passion, which gave people the impression that if there weren't so many people around then he'd hold her in his arms and give her a good hug.

    "Mr. Lu?" Zhao Meng couldn't help but let slip. Then she realized that there were loads of people staring at them, so she quickly shut her mouth. She stared at Lu Jinnian's assistant behind him and used her eyes to ask him 'What's going on?'.

    The assistant looked at Zhao Meng like he understood what she meant. In turn, he shrugged his shoulders with uncertainty.

    Time stopped for about a minute. Zhao Meng hastily shifted in her seat and signaled for the assistant to sit. She then looked at Lu Jinnian and reminded Qiao Anhao, who was still in a daze, "Qiao Qiao, Mr. Lu just came back from as far as America, he mustn't have eaten yet."

    Only then did Qiao Anhao snap back to her senses and realized that she was just staring at Lu Jinnian blankly for a long time. With a slightly red face, she shifted she moved to the side, giving Lu Jinnian her original seat.

    Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng practically hadn't touched a dish on the table, but Zhao Meng still called a waiter for a two menus and handed one to Lu Jinnian and another to his assistant. The waiter also brought two pairs of chopsticks.

    The assistant had already had lunch, so he only ordered a pot of sake. Lu Jinnian simply flipped through the menu, only ordering some sushi.

    The waiter took the menu and left. Zhao Meng opened her mouth and said, "Mr. Lu, Qiao Qiao was just unhappy..."

    Qiao Anhao knew exactly what Zhao Meng was going to talk about: Lin Shiyi's taunts, so she abruptly lifted her leg and kicked her friend under the table. Then secretly shot her a look.

    Zhao Meng immediately swallowed her words.

    But Lu Jinnian heard the key words, unhappy?

    He furrowed his brows and turned his head to look at Qiao Anhao. "What happened?"

    All the grievances she had in her heart disappeared when he dropped his work and rushed back to the country to find her.

    He rushed back after a short fifty plus hours, practically without taking any breaks. He had to be exhausted. Since he made it here, Qiao Anhao really didn't want to trouble him even more with comments from people she didn't know online and Lin Shiyi's insignificant taunts.
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