Chapter 712: The Lu Qiao Couple (1)

    Chapter 712: The Lu Qiao Couple (1)

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    Qiao Anhao was afraid Zhao Meng and the assistant would say some vexing things, so she immediately turned her head around first and whispered into Lu Jinnian's ear. "Nothing. It's just because you hung upon me twice last night, so I was a little unhappy."

    Well it was the truth. Her voice sounded like it carried a little anger, but he didn't know why, coming from Qiao Anhao's mouth, it sounded like she was just acting like a spoiled child.

    Lu Jinnian was in a slight daze for a while, then he suddenly realized that it really did happen.

    So when he called today and she constantly hung up on him, it was about that...

    Lu Jinnian turned his head and looked over at Qiao Anhao's side profile. The contour lines on her face were soft, her skin was delicate, and she practically had no pores in sight. What she said to him last night, slowly rang in his ears line-after-line again. His heart thumped, and Lu Jinnian slowly and gently said, "Qiao Qiao, I'm really happy.

    "Really happy about what you said to me last night."

    This restaurant in the department store didn't have private rooms, so they were surrounded by buzzing voices. However, after Lu Jinnian said those few words, the world instantly became silent.

    Qiao Anhao felt like her heart was filled with something warm inside and her chest shook unrealistically. "So you rushed back from America overnight because you were too happy?"

    "Uh huh," Lu Jinnian responded without the slightest hint of wanting to cover it up. "I wanted to give you a surprise but when I went home, I realized that not only were you not there, the house was turned upside down. It was so messy, I didn't even have anywhere to stand."

    When Qiao Anhao heard this, she let out an "Ah!", thinking back to her cluttered home. Her face turned red in an instant.

    She originally planned to restore the house to how it was before Friday, when Lu Jinnian was due back. Who knew he'd suddenly come back early...

    Which went to say, he knew that she had searched through his study room?

    Qiao Anhao let out another low gasp. She turned her head and looked into Lu Jinnian with a little avoidance. "Then... Then, you know that I stole something of yours?"

    "I found out last night." Lu Jinnian stared into Qiao Anhao's eyes with a blindingly bright glow in his eyes.

    "Eh?" How could he have found out last night? She never told him, and he was in America...

    Lu Jinnian used his chin to point over at his assistant that sat opposite him. "He called me last night."

    So news of the incident at last night's charity gala had already traveled outside the circle of wealthy families.

    "Oh," responded Qiao Anhao in a quiet voice.

    Lu Jinnian couldn't help but raise his hand and rub her hair, making Qiao Anhao's ears redder. He let out a low, gentle chuckle. "Qiao Qiao, thank you."

    Qiao Anhao's fingers couldn't help but tighten on her chopsticks. After a while, she said in an extremely gentle voice, "You don't need to thank me. Who let her bully you..."

    What a joke. How could Han Ruchu ever bully him?

    Although Lu Jinnian felt that Qiao Anhao's words hurt his ego a little, but he was unusually happy with the pain. "Qiao Qiao, are you trying to cover something up?"

    With Lu Jinnian's reminder, Qiao Anhao suddenly realized she had said her thoughts out loud. Her face reddened, and her eyes wandered everywhere, then she said with little confidence in her voice, "No, I was just saying... who let her bully our child..."
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