Chapter 725: The Lu Qiao Couple (14)

    owered to glance at Qiao Anhao in his hold.

    She reached her hand out and yanked the phone from his hand, then added two words to Lu Jinnian's original message, Today after lunch at ACR, hubby Lu Jinnian took me out shopping to digest the food, and then...

    With that, Qiao Anhao raised her head. "Don't you think this is better?"

    "Is there a difference?" asked Lu Jinnian as he stared at those three words "Hubby Lu Jinnian". The more he stared at them, the more pleased he felt. With his face against Qiao Anhao's back of the head, he curved his lips into a smile.

    It hadn't even been a minute since Qiao Anhao had sent the message when Lin Shiyi wrote to her. [Qiao Anhao, are you stupid?]

    Followed by another message, [What's the meaning of this?]

    Just as Qiao Anhao was considering whether or not to reply, Lu Jinnian stole her phone again. He tapped it a few times, and Qiao Anhao saw the words, [Isn't it obvious? It's a slap in the face.]

    Those words were pretty direct... Before Qiao Anhao could cry out for him to stop, Lu Jinnian had already sent the message.

    Then he tapped onto Lin Shiyi's profile pic again, immediately blocking her from the friends' circle.

    "Why don't you just straight up delete her? Perhaps she's already blacklisted me and blocked my friends' circle..." said Qiao Anhao.

    "When a person competes with another, they will pay attention to them all the time. They won't block them. So I blocked her in case she decides to say something to piss you off." Lu Jinnian handed Qiao Anhao her phone back.

    She thought about his words for a moment, and felt that what he said was right. This was absolutely how most people would normally react. Honestly speaking, she was really happy that Lu Jinnian helped her stand up like that. However, although she was happy, Qiao Anhao still said unreasonably, "Lu Jinnian, you are really petty to stoop down to a woman's level. Don't you know the saying 'good men don't fight with women'?"

    Having just been called "petty", Lu Jinnian wasn't the slightest bit annoyed. In fact, his tone of voice sounded quite assured and arrogant. "So what? As long as it's about you, I don't mind being even more petty."

    How could he let others make life difficult for the woman he had always wanted to hold in his hands and protect?

    In the past, when he couldn't get her, he would always think of ways to best look after her behind her back. Now that she was his wife, how could he allow for something like gentrification to make her suffer?

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