Chapter 730: The Lu Qiao Couple(19)

    Chapter 730: The Lu Qiao Couple(19)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anxia had kept silent as her mother continuously complained about Han Ruchu. That night, she couldn't fall asleep.

    Qiao Anhao must have loved Lu Jinnian.... She only found out last Christmas, two months after Lu Jinnian had disappeared.

    That night, Qiao Anhao was drunk, and she kept chanting his name the entire time. On the night before New Year, she had knelt outside Qiao mansion, crying alone as she whispered his name.

    They had been in love.

    It wasn't just Lu Jinnian's one-sided affection.

    If last year when Lu Jinnian had asked her about Qiao Anhao's whereabouts she had told him, would they have not missed out on each other?

    A short while after Lu Jinnian had posted on Weibo, his post reached headlines. The entire web community's attention was placed on him and Qiao Anhao.

    After exiting the webpage, Qiao Anxia entered Wechat, wanting to ask Qiao Anhao if she was really married.

    But the moment she entered Wechat, the first thing that caught her eye was the post that Qiao Anhao had shared on her newsfeed, [Today after lunch at ACR, hubby Lu Jinnian took me out shopping to digest the food, and then...]

    Below the post was two photos, the entire car boot was packed with designer bags, even the backseats were overflowing.

    They seemed to be doing well, and Qiao Anhao seemed to be happy...

    But Qiao Anxia couldn't understand what she was feeling as she stared at "Hubby Lu Jinnian". She felt anxious, and at the same time somehow bitter.

    "Hey, why are you dreaming? I've been calling you for such a long time!" Qiao Anxia felt a light tap on her head before processing Cheng Yang's words.

    She hurriedly snapped back to her senses and locked her phone before shaking her head. Shortly after, the car stopped. "We're here, you can grab a seat while I park the car."

    Qiao Anxia turned to glance at the steamboat shop, and felt herself lose all appetite. "I'm a little tired, I don't feel like eating anymore. Let's go back to rest."

    Cheng yang paused for a while before nodding. "I'll send you back first before getting food for you."

    Qiao Anxia nodded silently. She turned and stared out the window at the night skies, her expression dazed.

    After sending her home, Chen Yang took his wallet and left the house.

    Qiao Anxia slouched on the sofa staring up at the ceiling in a daze. Moments after she reached for her phone, unable to stop looking at Lu Jinnian's weibo. When she clicked in, their marriage certificate was in full view once more.

    She stared in a daze, and didn't even notice when Cheng Yang came back with the food.

    He poured it into plates and placed on the dining table. "Xia Xia, lets eat."

    Qiao Anxia was still in a daze, motionless as she stared at the phone.

    "Xia Xia?"

    Cheng Yang frowned slightly. He placed the plates down before walking towards her. He reached out to feel her forehead worryingly when he saw her pale face.

    Qiao Anxia was startled back to her senses and hurriedly locked her phone. But despite her swift actions, Cheng Yang was still able to get a glance at the screen. It was Lu Jinnian's weibo.
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