Chapter 737: Decision (2)

    Chapter 737: Decision (2)

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    So it turned out to be reporters barricading the door...

    Qiao Anhao immediately pulled her raised hand back.

    She was the only one in Mian Xiu Garden. If she opened the door, she would definitely be surrounded to death by those savage reporters!

    The doorbell rang incessantly. It went to the point that the reporters started to shake the iron gate of the courtyard. The sound of banging from the surveillance monitor traveled through Qiao Anhao's ears, scaring her witless. She instinctively took a step back, then ran upstairs.

    She pushed open the study room door, and heard her phone ring. From the ringtone, she recognized that it was Lu Jinnian calling.


    Today, the person Lu Jinnian had a meeting with was Chief Wei of Wei Enterprise, who was mainly responsible for precious gems and pearls and jewelry. Lu Jinnian and Chief Wei had only met once at a dinner party, over twenty days ago. At the time, Huan Ying Entertainment was making preparations for a new TV drama. The drama required a few gems, and so Chief Wei gave him his business card in hopes of a cooperation.

    For the past few years, Huan Ying Entertainment's productions have had a set of brands in charge of the accessories and clothes, so at first Lu Jinnian didn't think too much about his words. After he got into the car, he threw his business card into a box and didn't bother with it.

    Actually, Chief Wei didn't think he had a shot at working with Huan Ying Entertainment, when suddenly Lu Jinnian personally called him one night last week to invite him for tea.

    At the time, Chief Wei was in Africa, so the two of them scheduled a meeting a week later.

    Chief Wei had already caught wind of how swift and decisive Lu Jinnian was and how he never acted unprofessionally. So Chief Wei expected that when he met Lu Jinnian, he would go straight to the fun and breakdown their collaboration without waiting for him to reply, and put a contract in front of him. He would give Chief Wei three days to consider the offer, and if he agreed then he'd go and find Lu Jinnian with signed contract.

    However, Chief Wei never imagined that Lu Jinnian would meet him to leisurely drink tea for two hours, and chat a few words about their private lives and history, but not about a collaboration. Then, in the afternoon, Lu Jinnian would treat him to dinner in good spirits and invite him for a round of golf.

    Chief Wei was a golf enthusiast who was quite the professional. They even played a friendly match. In the end, Chief Wei won, but he knew that Lu Jinnian had deliberately let him win. Otherwise, he believed that he would have wiped the floor with him.

    When the competition ended, Lu Jinnian and Chief Wei sat in the break room.

    The winter sunshine in the afternoon shone brightly through the glass and onto the table, giving people an everlasting feeling of tranquility.

    The waiter served them two cups of coffee, then smiled, hugged the tray, gave a bow, and left.

    Lu Jinnian slowly raised his coffee and took a sip. Then, he lifted his wrist and glanced over at the time. It was already two in the afternoon, and so he finally started the topic Chief Wei had waited half a day for.

    "Huan Ying Entertainment's latest drama on production is about a story surrounding the launch of a jewelry company. I believe Mr. Wei is already aware about it, right?"

    Lu Jinnian paused for a moment, then said, "Regarding our partnership, I've thought of a great proposal. Would Mr. Wei be interested in hearing it?"
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