Chapter 738: Decision(3)

    Chapter 738: Decision(3)

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    Mr. Wei nodded. "Mr Lu, please."

    Lu Jinnian took a sip of his coffee, and leisurely, he placed the cup back down on the plate with a soft crisp sound . In the quiet lounge area, the sound was unusually sharp. "I would like the main lead's company to be called Wei Enterprise."

    Mr. Wei's eyes brightened instantly.

    Wei Enterprise... That would be an enticing advertisement for his company.

    Lu Jinnian continued, "I would also change the main lead's surname to Wei."

    Mr. Wei became visibly excited.

    With such a background, Wei Enterprise's name would have a stronger influence on the audience's mind, and this would definitely be beneficial to Wei Enterprise's jewelry.

    This was definitely an enticing condition.

    But what was the price...

    "I have no complaints about the conditions you are offering, but I would like to know, what's the minimum price you're asking for? If it's within the capability of the company, we can sign the contract now, if not, I would have to discuss this with the board."

    Lu Jinnian remained silent, raising one finger up.

    "One billion?" Mr. Wei asked in astonishment, one billion wasn't a small sum but the conditions that he was offering were indeed enticing... but no one could predict the popularity of the drama, hence this advertisement fee was too much. "Mr. Lu, I understand that Huan Ying Entertainment's production would definitely garner a large following but we haven't seen the drama yet so I would only be able to offer fifty million right now. After we have signed the contract, we can add on a clause stating that Wei Enterprise would be liable for the additional fifty million if there is a visible increase in the sales. If we both were to work at it, I'm sure the profits would be more than fifty million..."

    "Mr. Wei, you're mistaken, I'm not talking about one billion but ten billion," Lu Jinnian interrupted faintly.

    Mr. Wei trembled, clearly shaken by his words. "Ten billion? How is that possible? I'm afraid..."

    "I'll give you ten billion," Lu Jinnian added.

    Mr. Wei froze, staring at Lu Jinnian incredulously. The coffee in his hands shook, sending burning droplets onto his fingers.

    The heat from the coffee seemed to have snapped him back to senses, and he smiled. "Mr. Lu, are you kidding?"

    Lu Jinnian shook his head, staring straight into his eyes. "I'm serious."

    Mr. Wei froze, staring at Lu Jinnian for a long while before realizing that he was indeed being serious. Confused, he asked, " Mr. Lu, why are you giving me money when you're already helping me advertise? Won't this be a disadvantages business on your part?"

    Lu Jinnian remained impassive. Silently, he retrieved a check from his pocket and pushed it over.

    Mr. Wei stared at the long string of zeros on the check, he counted carefully and realized that it was indeed ten billion.

    As a businessman, he knew that there was definitely something up. He hesitated slightly. "Mr. Lu, do you plan on taking over Wei Enterprise?"

    "No." Lu Jinnian shook his head. He picked up his coffee and took another sip before continuing, "But for such an enticing condition, I'm indeed looking for a return."
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