Chapter 741: Xu Jiamus Decision (1)

    Chapter 741: Xu Jiamu's Decision (1)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian tightly furrowed his brows at the thought of Qiao Anhao alone in the villa at Mian Xiu Garden. After working in the entertainment industry for so many years, he fully understood just how crazy the reporters could get.

    He didn't wait for his assistant to explain every detail of what happened before saying in lightning speed, "Got it, I'm on my way back right now."

    With that, he hung up and looked over at Chief Wei. He pulled open the car door. "Apologies, Mr. Wei. I have some urgent matters to attend to which require me to step away for a moment. I'll come back for 'Eternal Heart'."

    Seeing as Lu Jinnian got off the phone with a rushed expression, Chief Wei wanted to offer him a few words, but in the end, the man had already gotten into the car. With a "Pa!", he slammed the car door shut hard.

    The car window scrolled down and Lu Jinnian very politely and majestically said "Goodbye". Then he brutally stepped on the accelerator. Not long after, the car jumped and he sped out of sight.

    Lu Jinnian ceaselessly stepped on the accelerator with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on his phone. He tapped onto Weibo. With his mind on the road ahead, he stared at the headlines to find the earth-shattering reality of the entire internet practically cursing Qiao Anhao.

    His lips twitched, and he hastily dialed her. After it rang for a long time without anyone picking it up, Lu Jinnian grew anxious. Just as he was ready to hang up and call the home phone, Qiao Anhao finally picked up the call. Her voice sounded soft, as though she was in shock.

    "Lu Jinnian, there are loads of reporters outside our house."

    Lu Jinnian looked straight at the road ahead and used his calmest tone of voice to say, "I'm on my way home. I'll call the property management in a minute to drive the reporters away. Before I get there, no matter what, do not go outside and remember to shut all the windows..."

    He gave detailed instructions for Qiao Anhao to pay attention to, then hung up. With both hands on the steering wheel, he sped even harder.


    After Qiao Anhao finished her call, she purposefully ran down to check the doors and windows. When she confirmed that they were all locked, she then glanced over at the floor-to-ceiling windows to see that there were more reporters than before.

    This was a scene she had seen before on TV and in entertainment news magazines. In the past, she had also heard of reporters barricading quite a few celebrity homes for days after a scandal broke out. She had never imagined though that there would be a day when this would ever happen to her.

    After looking for quite some time, she went upstairs. Just now, because someone had pressed the doorbell, she only looked at the news reports, but she never saw the responses from people online. From how crazy the reporters were acting, she had an inkling that the internet discussions must be even more unbearable.

    Rationality told her that what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over. However, her emotional side couldn't help but take a seat in front of the computer.

    People online were certain that she had played both guys; during her marriage with Xu Jiamu, she was fooling around with Lu Jinnian, seducing both brothers. They said that her innocent face had done the worst thing on earth. It was so bad, some people directly called her a bitch, a whore... All in all, the words were as nasty as nasty could get.
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