Chapter 752: Xu Jiamus Decision(12)

    Chapter 752: Xu Jiamu's Decision(12)

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    Song Xiangsi rolled her eyes as though Xu Jiamu had just asked a dumb question. "The entire country is calling Qiao Anhao a slut, don't you think it's bad enough?"

    Xu Jiamu paled.

    Song Xiangsi realized that she might have been too blunt, so quickly she added, "Are you sure you want to know?"

    Xu Jiamu nodded.

    She hesitated slightly before continuing in a gravely voice, " Let me put it simply, Qiao Qiao had an affair during her marriage, this means that her reputation is ruined for life. She probably won't be able to continue her career as an artist and will be insulted and gossiped about. But this is just the pressure on the outside, her career would come to a standstill, no one would approach her for endorsements or films. Isn't she participating in a competition for the female lead role in a Hollywood film? There was initially a good response and a lot of potential for her, but after the scandal, I doubt that will work out.

    "As for your brother, Lu Jinnian... He would be slightly better than Qiao Qiao, but for the rest of his life, he would be living under the shadow of a third party, just like his mother.

    "The scandal has escalated to the point that no public explanation or any amount of PR would be able salvage it. Besides, no one would believe them if they were to stand out and say that they were acting as a fake couple and that Lu Jinnian was acting as you."

    Song Xiangsi shook her head before adding solemnly, "I wonder who was able to obtain such an insider news. The person didn't use it to threaten Lu Jinnian but instead exposed the news, it's the best way to ruin their lives..."

    Xu Jiamu's throat tightened. He held up his hand, indicating for her to stop before standing. "I'm tired, I'll go rest."

    Without waiting for her to react, he climbed into the bed, yanking the blanket over his head.

    Song Xiangsi had wanted to say more but when she glanced over at him, she swallowed her words before leaving the room silently.


    Qiao Anhao curled up in Lu Jinnian's arms. He promised her that he would think of a way to appease the situation, and so she nodded her head compliantly. "I believe you."

    She truly believed that Lu Jinnian would think of a solution, but she also knew that it was a tricky situation that he might not be able to handle.

    The "wedding" photo that Han Ruchu had exposed had placed Qiao Qiao and Lu Jinnian at a disadvantage, besides, before she had officially divorced Xu Jiamu, she had already been together with Lu Jinnian.

    Qiao Anhao fully trusted Lu Jinnian, and she knew that he was definitely upset over the scandal, so she didn't want to appear vulnerable and add to his stress.

    That night, she prepared dinner with him before enjoying the meal together. Afterwards, they even went for a stroll in their backyard.

    She maintained a bright expression the entire time, as though all her troubles had already been settled.
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