Chapter 776: Xu Jiamus Decision (36)

    Chapter 776: Xu Jiamu's Decision (36)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Just as Xu Jiamu was about to pick up some noodles and stuff them into his mouth, he paused for a moment, then put his chopsticks down.

    The faint sound of Song Xiangsi's arrogance and complaints came from the other room, it sounded like her manager had accepted another job she didn't want.

    Xu Jiamu stared at Song Xiangsi for some time before he got up and walked over to the window. He glared at the millions of lights outside, and lit up a cigarette. As the taste of nicotine filled his lungs, he thought back to her words: traumatized by his childhood and have a lifetime of misfortune.


    Lu Jinnian's interview was more or less useful. At the very least, those fans who adored him were moved by his words.

    Especially his line "If I really wanted to steal someone's woman, I could of made a move five years ago when they were engaged. I didn't have to let the woman I deeply love become my forbidden love. I didn't have to watch as we lost five whole years." It caused quite the commotion. Quite a few people felt like the media was just making groundless accusations and misleading its audience.

    However, just as Lu Jinnian said, his words were merely words without evidence. There were only a few people who really believed him.

    But because some believed him and others didn't, it stirred up quite the war of words online.

    It's just a shame that Qiao Anhao stumbled upon two surprises at this time. She simply didn't bother with the things online, so she had no idea that netizens were going wild.


    After dinner, Lu Jinnian went into the study room to tend to work. When he walked back into the bedroom, he saw Qiao Anhao nestled in bed, looking at her phone. He couldn't help but ask curiously, "Tomorrow is the competition, you're not practicing?"

    Qiao Anhao quickly clicked out of the site of things pregnant mothers should look out for, and put her phone down. She turned to Lu Jinnian and said without being shy about it at all, "I've already memorized the steps by heart. I don't need to practice anymore."

    "Hehe, Qiao Qiao, you sure can find excuses for your laziness." Lu Jinnian chuckled as he climbed into the bed and hugged Qiao Anhao. His hands wanted to explore underneath her pajamas, however, with the doctor's orders in mind, Qiao Anhao rashly grabbed his hand. "Lu Jinnian, tomorrow I have to take part in the competition. You have to let me maintain my body strength."

    He looked at her with all seriousness, then negotiated, "All right, tomorrow I'll be back."

    Qiao Anhao gave him a wide smile and said, "Okay."

    Deep down inside, she secretly thought, would he want to come back tomorrow night? She was afraid tomorrow someone wouldn't be able to get it up!


    It was still early. As the two of them weren't sleepy, but they couldn't do anything x-rated, all they could do was have a casual chat.

    At first, Lu Jinnian wasn't really satisfied and wasn't the slightest bit interested, but eventually, he seemed to calm down.

    Just like that, he quietly hugged his sweet wife in bed, and innocently had a chat. Actually, he was kind of blissfully happy...

    After their chat, Qiao Anhao thought back to the idea she had, when she woke up in the middle of the night last night, of relocating if she was pregnant. She slightly raised her head, looked at Lu Jinnian, and said, "Lu Jinnian, let's get out of the country?"

    At the thought of all the upsetting things online recently, Lu Jinnian assumed that she wanted to go on a holiday, so he said without any objections, "Alright, what country do you want to go to? I'll arrange it with my assistant tomorrow."
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