Chapter 777: Xu Jiamus Decision (37)

    Chapter 777: Xu Jiamu's Decision (37)

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    "I don't want to go on holiday." Qiao Anhao knew that Lu Jinnian would misunderstand. She shook her head. "I want to emigrate."

    "How did you suddenly come to the idea?" Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows, then as though something had clicked, he asked, "Because of what happened online?"

    Lu Jinnian asked two consecutive questions, then lowered his eyes. "Qiao Qiao, sorry, I couldn't protect you."

    If he could, he really wanted to grow old with her in the same city she grew up in, where she had created so many memories, and where her family and friends lived.

    But he never imagined that in the end, she would mind, deep down inside. So much so that she wanted to leave the country.

    Because of Lu Jinnian's last words, Qiao Anhao was so moved that she tightly latched onto his waist, then said in a low voice, "Actually, it's not that I care about those rumors, but if we have a child, I don't want the baby to be born under those lies and slander.

    "Lu Jinnian, you know... living under the finger pointing is far too harsh for a child. Let's relocate. Even if we won't know many people, that's alright. We can make new friends. What's most important is that we're together, right?"

    Yeah. What was most important was that they were together. No matter what city, what country, what corner of the world they were, Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao together would be the most perfect ending.

    How did the saying go?

    Home is where the heart is.

    Wherever Qiao Anhao went, that would be Lu Jinnian's home.

    And wherever he went, she would follow.

    At that thought, Lu Jinnian gave a gentle nod and said, "Alright, we'll emigrate. Let's go with your idea."

    Qiao Anhao snickered. Even though she was a little sad deep down, leaving the city she was born and raised in for over twenty years, but for her child, it was worth it. After all, nothing is absolutely perfect in this world and after all is said and done there's still regret left behind. But luckily they could be together.

    As though she was afraid he could see the regret in her heart, Qiao Anhao curved her brows and started to tell him wonderful things, fairy tale like stories that would happen after they emigrated.

    "We can buy a beautiful house and build a swing in the courtyard. When summer comes round, we can drink coffee in the courtyard when night falls...

    "We have to have two dogs. I like Labradors, because they're the smartest dogs in the world, and they could play with our baby...

    "And Lu Jinnian... when the baby's naughty, you have to discipline him and I'll cheer him up, so in the baby's heart, I'm the good guy...

    "When the baby grows up a little, we can travel around the world..."


    When Song Xiangsi woke up at night, she realized that Xu Jiamu wasn't lying beside her.

    She picked up her phone to check the time. It was already one in the morning. There was an unread Wechat message from Qiao Anhao sent around eleven o'clock: [Sister Xiangsi, I've discussed it with Mr. Lu... We're going to get ready to leave the country soon. If you have time, we'd like to treat you to a meal.]

    Leave the country? Was it because of what happened online? Now that she was pregnant, it would definitely be troublesome to stay in China. It wouldn't be easy to be pregnant here, let alone raise a baby.

    Because it was late, Song Xiangsi didn't reply to Qiao Anhao's Wechat message.
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