Chapter 793: The Love Letter from the Past(4)

    Chapter 793: The Love Letter from the Past(4)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian remained unperturbed by Qiao Anhao's annoyance. Reaching out, he grabbed onto her palm with one hand and used the other to shield her belly in the event that she fell forward when the car jerked. Throughout the entire car ride, he nagged at his assistant relentlessly.

    "Slow down, lower the speed! Why are you going so fast? There's a pregnant woman in the car, slow down! Stop the car, it's the stop sign! Slower!"

    Initially, Qiao Anhao would complain that even walking was faster than the car but she gave up when Lu Jinnian lifted his hands to caress her back, emphasizing the importance of safety. His assistant obliged his commands, reducing the speed of the car. In the end, Qiao Anhao closed her eyes, shutting him out. Just like that, the car drove at 20km/hr all the way back to Mian Xiu Garden.

    Once the car reached home, Qiao Anhao pushed open the door. Lu Jinnian hurriedly shut it, holding her in place. After making sure that his assistant had extinguished the engine, he went over to her side of the car to help her out.

    Qiao Anhao pushed him aside, taking large strides towards the house.

    Lu Jinnian grabbed her bag from his assistant before running after her. No more than two steps later, he remembered his assistant's betrayal. He stopped abruptly and turned around. "Shen Mingzhe, I'll get back to you again."

    Turning back , he ran towards Qiao Anhao. "Qiao Qiao, let's take our time. We should be careful not to fall."

    She stopped, shifting to face him, and gazed at him solemnly. "Lu Jinnian, it's only one month, there's no need to be so worked up."

    "Mmh Mmh." Lu Jinnian nodded in agreement before reminding once more, "Qiao Qiao, be careful, there's a step ahead..."

    Qiao Anhao took in a deep breath, giving up.

    Once they entered, Lu Jinnian hurriedly bent down to place a pair of slippers in front of her before kneeling to help her change her shoes out.

    In the bedroom, Qiao Anhao switched on the television out of habit. She grabbed onto a pillow, huddling in a corner of the sofa watching the rerun of the finale just now.

    Lu Jinnian continued to buzz around her, bringing her water and cutting her fruits. When he was done, he settled down beside her with his laptop, choosing pregnancy books. Occasionally, he would turn around to ask for her opinion.

    But it was clear that he disregarded her opinions since all the books she rejected still ended up in the cart.

    After making payment, Lu Jinnian placed his laptop away. He sat back down beside her and started to feed her from the bowl of fruits. "Qiao Qiao, am I really going to be a father?"

    It was the eighth time that he had asked her this exact question and just like the previous seven times, Qiao Anhao patiently nodded her head. "Mmh."

    Lu Jinnian first placed an apple in her mouth, and when she was done, he placed a grape with its skin removed. "Qiao Qiao, it's already a month old, right?"
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