Chapter 797: The Love Letter from the Past(8)

    Chapter 797: The Love Letter from the Past(8)

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    The next day was Huan Ying Entertainment's annual general meeting.

    Even though the meeting was at ten in the morning, Lu Jinnian woke up at seven. The first thing he did was head to the kitchen to make a pot of porridge.

    The assistant arrived at his house at 8.30 am to ensure that Lu Jinnian would be on time for the meeting.

    When he reached, Lu Jinnian was still upstairs serving Qiao Anhao. He waited for about fifteen minutes before seeing him helping her down the staircase as though she was an empress dowager.

    Just when the assistant thought that he was ready, Lu Jinnian followed Qiao Anhao over to the dinning area. He fully disregarded the time as he watched her finish a bowl of porridge, a cup of milk, and an egg before heading upstairs to change into a suit.

    While he was wearing his pants, Qiao Anhao took his jacket to the living room for a quick iron. She then stuffed the love letter she had hid under the bed into his pocket along with his wallet. Holding onto the jacket, she headed back to the changing room.

    Lu Jinnian wore the jacket elegantly. As he buttoned it, he said, "I'll be eating lunch with the board members so I won't be back. I'll get someone to deliver food for you."

    Qiao Anhao smiled lightly as she nodded. She then placed his tie around his neck and fastened it for him before patting his chest. "I placed your wallet here."

    "Mmh." Lu Jinnian lowered his head to plant a kiss on her cheek. As he headed out, he added, "It's best if you stay home now that you're pregnant but if you want to go out, I'll go with you after I'm done."

    "Okay," Qiao Anhao agreed following him down to the entrance.

    Once they were at the door, the assistant anxiously rushed them. "Mr. Lu, it's about forty minutes before from the meeting!"

    Lu Jinnian nodded. As he put on his shoes, he continuously nagged on. "Oh, there are fruits in the fridge, I've already washed them. You can just take them out if you want to eat some."

    "Mmh." Qiao Anhao smiled happily.

    Lu Jinnian lowered his head to kiss her once more before entering the car.

    She stood by the door, waving him goodbye.

    Before the car left, Lu Jinnian lowered the window. "Remember to call me if you don't feel well, understand?"


    The first half of the meeting ended at twelve o'clock.

    The lunch gathering after was held at Beijing hotel. Halfway through it, Lu Jinnian excused himself to check on Qiao Anhao, and only after he made sure that everything was okay on her side did he return back to the lunch.

    After his meal, he prepared to pay for the bill.

    He glanced over at a waiter, signaling for the bill. Reaching for his pocket, he fished out his wallet and passed his card over.

    When he was stuffing his wallet back, he felt something hard in his pocket.

    He frowned and took the wallet out. He then reached back in to feel the inside of his pocket and found a blue letter.
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