Chapter 829: Meeting the Parents (10)

    Chapter 829: Meeting the Parents (10)

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    At that thought, Lin Shiyi curved her lips into a smirk, and shut her compact with a sweet and charming smile. Then said, "Oh, isn't this Miss Qiao Anxia? Truly long time no see."

    Deep in thought, Qiao Anxia didn't hear a thing the person said beside her. She didn't react at all.


    On the contrary, the moment Qiao Anhao, who was also at the China World Hotel tonight, heard the three words "Qiao Anxia", she was stunned for a moment. Then, she put her phone away.

    Was that Lin Shiyi's voice? Which went to say, Sis and Lin Shiyi were outside?

    Qiao Anhao instinctively pulled out some tissue by her side, then heard Lin Shiyi's voice again. "Ah, Miss Qiao can't be too high and mighty to forget who I am, right?"


    Lin Shiyi had to speak out twice, before Qiao Anxia snapped back to her senses. She gently rolled her eyes, and swept the other woman a neutral glance. She squeezed some soap out, rubbed her hands, and ran her hands under the tap. She wiped her hands dry, and looked like she was ready to leave.

    How would Lin Shiyi let Qiao Anxia leave. She didn't even have to think twice before running in front of her to block her way. "Miss Qiao, why are you in such a hurry to leave? I still have things I want to say to you!"

    Qiao Anxia crossed her arms. Her entire posture seemed far more arrogant than Lin Shiyi's, as she wore a slight smirk on her face without any care for hiding the disdain on her face. "... say to me? Are you even worthy?"

    In the cubicle, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but burst out into silent laughter at Qiao Anxia's words.

    One could probably beat Qiao Anxia at anything, but when it came to comparing arrogance... she was clearly kindhearted, but her mouth was as hard as a rock.

    Those words instantly angered Lin Shiyi. "Don't you think it's about time you stop pretending to be all miss high and mighty? Others have no idea, but I know that the man you love is married to your own sister. That feeling must really suck, right?"

    Qiao Anxia's face instantly ran ice cold.

    In the cubicle, Qiao Anhao, who wore a cheerful expression on her face from what Qiao Anxia had just said, instantly froze over.

    "Oh, isn't that right? I hear Chen Yang also broke up with you?" Lin Shiyi's words were riddled with pure bliss. "Didn't he just throw you aside? Wasn't that why you looked like you were in a daze just now? Let me tell you, don't indulge in your wild fantasies, you can't get Mr. Lu and you can't get Chen Yang, either. To think about it, Miss Qiao you're really quite pitiful. But, I think that perhaps Miss Qiao, you just think too highly of yourself. Don't go thinking that because you're the eldest daughter of a wealthy family that you have people wrapped around your finger..."

    When Qiao Anhao heard this, a flame ignited within her. Without even thinking about it, she shot up from the toilet and pushed open the cubicle door. Right then, she smacked Lin Shiyi's head over with her phone. "Lin Shiyi, shut your damn mouth. If you don't say a thing, nobody will know how dumb you are!"

    When the phone hit Lin Shiyi's head, she yelped in pain. At the same time, Qiao Anxia turned her head towards Qiao Anhao.

    She met eyes with her for just a second, before she turned away with a guilty conscience. Then she walked up to Lin Shiyi.

    "Lin Shiyi, why don't you just grow up! Every time you do this, you never win a thing, and you still keep popping up in front of people! I've truly never seen someone as cheap as you!"
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