Chapter 830: Peril (1)

    Chapter 830: Peril (1)

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    "Also, you deliberately plagiarized my idea to perform the Zhao Feiyan's drum dance for the Hollywood leading actress casting competition!"

    "Qiao Anhao, save your slander! What evidence do you have to prove that I plagiarized your idea!" Under Qiao Anhao's fire, Lin Shiyi looked particularly bad and her voice sounded extremely angry.

    "Because I don't believe that there are so many coincidences in the world, for you to coincidentally have the same idea, and to even coincidentally have an identical dance costume! At the time, I really couldn't figure out how, but now I know. I'm afraid the problem is with the costume shop!"

    Back then, Qiao Anhao had racked her brain over it. After a long while, she still couldn't figure out where the problem was, but as she spoke with Lu Jinnian about it, she thought back to the costume tailors. They knew she was performing something related to Zhao Feiyan for the show. Though they didn't know it was the drum dance, once Lin Shiyi accidentally caught wind of it, she could easily guess it was the drum dance. After all, it was the classic dance of Zhao Feiyan's life.

    "But don't worry, Lin Shiyi. You don't have to admit it, because in any case, in the end you still couldn't get first place."

    With that, Qiao Anhao paused for a moment. She then copied Lin Shiyi's gloating tone of voice towards Qiao Anxia and calmly said, "Yet, it must've been so hard for someone like who has never been good at dancing to practice just to try and hinder me. I trust those few days of practice must've been like hell, am I right? If you think about it, you're truly pitiful... But then again, Lin Shiyi, I guess your skills in bed must be slightly better than your dancing skills, considering that you have to make all your ass kissing boyfriends happy..."

    Since Lin Shiyi dared to pick at Qiao Anxia's scars, then she couldn't blame others for not being polite about things and unveiling her true face!

    Since Lin Shiyi had already felt stifled by being beaten by Qiao Anhao every time, the blood drained from her face, as she was mocked so directly. Then, it was like she'd completely forgotten that Qiao Anhao was pregnant, and she didn't think twice to bring her arm back and push it directly towards her face. "Qiao Anhao, you bitch! Shut your damn mouth!"

    Lin Shiyi's single slap on the face would of definitely knocked her over to the sink.

    That sink was just about level with her abdomen. If Lin Shiyi used too much force, Qiao Anhao would definitely lose her baby...

    Qiao Anhao was startled, but she didn't dare fight back in fear that she would lose out, so she instinctively raised her hand to protect her belly.

    She saw as Lin Shiyi's hand drew closer. She heard the sound of the wind, and subconsciously shut her eyes.

    Then, she heard the smack of a hand by her ear.

    Her whole body shuddered uncontrollably for a moment, and yet she didn't feel any pain on her face. Instead, she heard two slaps by her ear, which prompted her to open her eyes in curiosity. That's when she saw an unbelievable sight.

    Qiao Anxia had tightly clasped onto Lin Shiyi's hurling hand, and standing in front of Qiao Anhao, she had an angry expression on her face. Without so much as a blink of an eye, she thrust a ruthless and heavy hand at Lin Shiyi's face, slapping her a few times!
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