Chapter 838: Peril(9)

    Chapter 838: Peril(9)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    While Qiao Anxia was looking for a space in the underground car park of "Bliss for a Hundred Years", she caught sight of Cheng Yang's car. At that instant, she became terrified, not daring to go up.

    After parking her car, she sat and stared at Cheng Yang's car for a long while, and in the end, she still wasn't brave enough to go up.

    She sat alone in the car for a long while, until she saw someone alight from a black sedan.

    Judging from the physique, the person seemed to be female and was not young. The person had on a cap and mask, shielding almost half of her face. Even though Qiao Anxia couldn't tell who she was, the figure was oddly familiar.

    Just as she was trying to decipher who that woman was, she saw the person pull out an object from her bag, stuffing it into her pocket.

    Even though the person had moved swiftly, Qiao Anxia was still able to catch sight of a dagger.

    She frowned. Why would someone dress like that and have a dagger early in the morning?

    The person waited in front of the elevator. When she lifted her hand to press for the elevator, a jade bangle was exposed. Qiao Anxia straightened, focusing on it.

    That jade bangle seemed familiar... she had definitely seen it several times.

    But where exactly did she see it?

    The more she tried to remember, the more anxious she got, but nothing seemed to match. Annoyed and frustrated, she hit the steering wheel violently. Just then, the elevator doors closed, and Qiao Anxia's eyes widened in shock as she took a good look at the person.

    Han Ruchu!

    She knew, that person was Han Ruchu!

    That's why her physique and jade bangle seemed so familiar!

    Ever since she was young, Han Ruchu wore the bangle every time she saw her!

    But why would she be here?

    Qiao Anhao and the others were all upstairs, so she probably wouldn't be able to make a big fuss with so many people around...

    But she brought a dagger...

    The more Qiao Anxia thought about it, the more worried she got, and in the end she could no longer keep it in, jumping out of the car and into the elevator.

    When she entered the restroom, Han Ruchu had just entered a cubicle. Afraid to be found out, Qiao Anxia followed behind stealthy, hurriedly entering another cubicle. She peeked through a tiny opening in the door and saw Han Ruchu locking the door.

    Why was Han Ruchu hiding here?

    Qiao Anxia's mind was filled with questions, but since Xu Jiamu's mother didn't come out, she decided to kneel on the toilet bowl, peeking through the opening once in a while.

    When she alighted the car, she was in a rush, forgetting to grab her phone. Out of boredom, she started to tear the toilet paper.

    Just when she was about to finish tearing all the toilet paper in her cubicle, the restroom door was pushed open once again. Qiao Anhao's voice reached her. "Zhao Meng, pass me the wet tissue."

    The moment she said that, a cubicle door closed.

    Zhao Meng seemed to have followed Qiao Anhao in, but she didn't enter a cubicle. After passing over a wet tissue, she went to wait outside.
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