Chapter 846: Ending (7)

    Chapter 846: Ending (7)

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    For over seven years now, even though Xu Jiamu and Song Xiangsi had physically been with each other countless times, neither of them had ever said anything flirtatious.

    At that very moment, Song Xiangsi's words "I'll be here for you" touched the deepest part of Xu Jiamu's heart, and left him frozen for good five minutes. Without so much as moving an inch, he suddenly got up and pulled her into a tight embrace.

    Song Xiangsi was left dumbfounded for a few seconds by Xu Jiamu's sudden deep embrace. She lifted her arms and hugged him back.

    As far as she could recall, this was the first time he had hugged her like this.

    The room was silent. The two of them quietly hugged like that for a long long time, so long in fact, that Xu Jiamu felt his heaving heart finally become peaceful. He shut his eyes, his breath permeated with the light aroma of Song Xiangsi's body. For a moment there, he suddenly remembered the impulse to buy her a ring earlier this afternoon at "Bliss for a Hundred Years". He wanted to marry her and spend an ordinary lifetime of simplicity... He didn't want to shop for good prospects any longer, nor did he want to be a strong shopper...


    The ambulance came just in time. Qiao Anxia lost quite a lot of blood, but they were able to save her life.

    It was just how Lu Jinnian had described it in his text to Xu Jiamu: the knife had happened to stab Qiao Anxia in the uterus, tearing a big wound. Even though it was stitched up, her chances of getting pregnant were practically non-existent.

    When news came out, the person most devastated wasn't actually Chen Yang, nor Mother and Father Qiao, but Qiao Anhao. Because the incident upset her pregnancy, she laid in the hospital bed with her eyes swollen to peaches from crying and a heart as guilty as it could be.

    Naturally, Lu Jinnian couldn't bare to see just how hurt she was, and so he especially called Lucy to track down the best overseas gynecologist to see if there was any way of turning Qiao Anxia's diagnosis around.

    Eventually, the overseas doctors had a video call with Qiao Anhao to say that they would try their very best to think of a plan. They even told her that they had a similar case in the past, where the patient was later on able to be a mother, and that she should believe that miracles exist in this world.

    When Qiao Anhao heard this, she finally calmed down and fell asleep with a peaceful mind.

    Lu Jinnian waited for her to fall deep asleep before pulling the covers over her and tip-toeing out of the patient's room. He stopped in the corridor and gave Lucy a call. "Thank you for helping me with the act today."

    It was in fact all an act. When the overseas doctors heard Lu Jinnian's story, they all shook their heads. With a damaged uterus, how could she ever get pregnant?

    Actually, before he had even contacted Lucy, he knew in his heart that Qiao Anxia would never become a mother in this lifetime.

    But he still wanted everyone to play along with this act.

    All Qiao Anhao wanted was a single ray of hope, so he was going to give it to her.

    Not only her, but also the unconscious Qiao Anxia.

    Time is the world's most effective medicine. One day, their hearts would heal.


    Qiao Anxia had the world's best medical team, took the best medicine, and after passing the first three days in critical conditional, her rehabilitation was exceedingly fast.

    She stayed in bed to heal her wounds. Even though Mother Qiao and Chen Yang were by her side twenty-four hours, Qiao Anhao would still come to visit her everyday.
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