Chapter 848: Ending (9)

    Chapter 848: Ending (9)

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    Han Ruchu's lips moved, as thought she wanted to say something, but in the end she didn't.

    Disappointment rose beneath Xu Jiamu's eyes. Heavily, he bowed his head to the ground. "Sorry, Ma."

    Those words, he said them simply from the standpoint of a son.

    After all is said and done, to Han Ruchu, he was a disobedient son.

    The interrogation room was silent. Xu Jiamu stayed like that in a daze, his head braced against the cold wooden floors for a long time, before he slowly got up. He glanced deeply at Han Ruchu and whispered, "Take care".

    After waiting for a long period of time, he still didn't get a response from her. In the end, he turned around and left feeling dejected.

    Han Ruchu starred at his back with a complex look in her eye.

    The very moment he pulled open the door, she finally couldn't hold back anymore, and said, "Jiamu, take good care of yourself."

    Though it was just a simple sentence, the rims of Xu Jiamu's eyes abruptly became red. He turned his head and looked at Han Ruchu with a slight smile on his face. "Ma, I'll wait for you to get out."

    When he said this, he sincerely hoped that after twenty years, Han Ruchu would come out of prison. By then, she would have white hair, and he would take care of her till the end of her life.

    But in the end, he never imagined that she would not give him the opportunity to wait for her to get out.


    Whilst making wedding arrangements, everyone participated and put in their own ideas, but on the day of the actual wedding, they realized that the venue was decorated far more dreamily and breathtakingly than they had ever imagined. It was practically a scene from a fairy tale.

    There were glistening crystal lights, special effects of infinite falling petals, glass flooring, glossy, beautiful tables, a nine-tiered cake as tall as a person... and a big screen that endlessly played wedding photos of Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian. There was also a constant background of music.

    At 12 pm, all the guests arrived.

    At 12.15 pm, Lu Jinnian's assistant entered the stage and started his speech. The entire audience fell silent.

    At 12.25 pm, the assistant welcomed the groom to the stage. There was a wave of applause.

    The astrologically lucky time for them to get married was 12.33 pm, and so there were still eight minutes before the bride would enter. Because the master of ceremonies job was given to the assistant, he casually interviewed Lu Jinnian for eight minutes. By the end, there were two questions left, which touched on the rumors he was curious about.

    "I heard that, at first, when the bride and groom were fake married, it was the bride who didn't want their relationship to be exposed. May I ask, how was the bride able to achieve that?"

    The assistant was obviously using this opportunity to satisfy his own curiosity... Lu Jinnian secretly cursed the assistant inside. However, since it was his wedding day today, he allowed him to be rebellious just this one time. Lu Jinnian raised his microphone and without holding back, he said, "The night of our fake marriage, she gave me three rules."

    The assistant became more interested. "What three rules? Does the the groom happen to remember what they were?"

    Remember? How could he forget? Every word she said, be it good or bad, he remembered them all.

    Yet, those words were once obviously very hard to hear, but now, he felt quite fond of them.

    Clearly and coherently, Lu Jinnian said into the microphone, "You are not allowed to touch me in public.

    "You are not allowed to tell anyone that I'm your wife.

    "You are not allowed to tell anyone that we stay together."
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