Chapter 851: Ending (12)

    Chapter 851: Ending (12)

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    Shmily... Everyone knew this brand and they knew the secret message behind the letters... See-how-much-I-love-you...

    Actually, it wasn't like Lu Jinnian didn't want to let Qiao Anhao win. At first, he just wanted to tease her, but he never imagined that she'd come back with so many retorts. With that, he continued on.

    "I wonder who studied hard for over half a year to get into Class One just to be my classmate."

    "I wonder who left half the maths test paper empty just to be my classmate, and got switched over to Class Three!" retaliated Qiao Anhao, unwilling to submit. Later, she added, "So much so he especially tracked down my desk to use!"

    "I wonder who got into A University for me in the end!"

    "I wonder who went to Hangzhou just for me!" In case one might not be enough, Qiao Anhao added, "Also, when everyone hung out together in middle high, I wonder who stayed up and secretly drove the mosquitoes away!"

    In actuality, she didn't know about it at first but she found out after secretly talking to Qiao Anxia these past few days. Naturally, her sister also told her something else, so Qiao Anhao continued by adding, "Also, who was the one who asked around for my whereabouts during the five years we didn't keep in contact!"

    Hehe... Qiao Anxia told her? Well she had told him something too... Lu Jinnian calmly said, "Then I wonder who would run off to Shanghai every other day to hang out with her sister, but was actually coming to find me in Hangzhou!"

    With that, Lu Jinnian also quietly added, "Oh, and I wonder who kept those airplane and train tickets, and the couple hundred bucks I gave to her back then until now."

    Qiao Anhao's eyes suddenly shot wide open, and she then stared at Qiao Anxia below the stage!


    In the past few days, Qiao Anhao had told her sister all her little secrets when she asked her about the moment she fell in love with Lu Jinnian. And in the end, that Qiao Anxia actually told everything to Lu Jinnian?

    As Qiao Anxia met Qiao Anhao's eyes, she let out a gentle chuckle and looked completely not bothered by the hate-filled gaze Instead, she slightly raised her chin, and even gave her a look as if to say 'what can you do about it?'.

    They say sisterhood runs deep! So it's all just a lie!

    Qiao Anhao secretly gritted her teeth, she turned her head and stared into Lu Jinnian's relaxed eyes, and said while fuming, "I wonder who stalked me in the middle of the night a few times, just to sneak a glance from afar back then!"

    She said this in the spur of the moment, but when she said it out loud, she felt intensely touched in her heart.

    The two of them only now realized just how many wonderful memories they shared, once they took the time to actually run through what had happened.

    At that moment, Lu Jinnian, who was just playing around at first, looked over with a serious and intense gaze. His tone of voice was no longer calm and emotionless but filled with passion. "I wonder who saw that we were voted the best screen couple at the New Years and crouched down outside of the Qiao villa to cry alone."
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