Chapter 863: Ending (24)

    Chapter 863: Ending (24)

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    The gynecologist looked through the forms carefully, then turned to her and asked, "Xiangsi, let me ask you one last time, do you really want to abort this child?"

    Song Xiangsi wore a calm expression on her face, which gave off a ruthless and apathetic feeling. Then, she said in a bone-chillingly cold voice, "Yes."

    "You really don't want to think about it some more?" asked the gynecologist again. Seeing as Song Xiangsi turned her head and looked out of the window in annoyance, the doctor handed over the check up results, then returned to her professional voice. "Results show that there are no problems. Please prepare yourself. In half an hour's time, I will personally perform the operation."


    Soon after Xu Jiamu and Lin Qianqian entered the private dining room, Father Lin also arrived.

    Lin Qianqian hugged Father Lin's arm for a good while. Seeing this, Xu Jiamu, who sat in his seat beside them, only just gave them a gentle smile and lowered his eyes.

    The waiter brought over the menu. Father Lin ordered two healthy dishes, then passed the menu back to the waiter to hand it to Lin Qianqian and Xu Jiamu.

    Lin Qianqian flipped through the menu. With every dish, she would turn her head and ask Xu Jiamu, "Big Brother Jiamu, do you like to eat this?"

    Once she finished flipping to the final page of the menu, Xu Jiamu told Lin Qianqian in a flat tone, "I came here today to talk, not eat, so order what you like."

    "Oh." Lin Qianqian pouted, and casually ordered some dishes. After the waiter confirmed her order and left, she tilted her head, looked over at him, and asked, "Big Brother Jiamu, did you have something to talk to my dad about? Go ahead, my dad will definitely promise you."

    Xu Jiamu smiled. "Today, what I want to talk about isn't business related, but private." With that, he paused for a moment before speaking again. "Let's eat first, and we'll talk about it after."

    Father Lin remained calm and earnestly gave a nod.

    Lin Qianqian's pitch black eyes turned. Every now and then, she'd sneak a glance at Xu Jiamu.

    The waiter quickly wheeled in a cart of beautiful dishes. There weren't many dishes but they looked so exquisite, it worked up people's appetite.

    The three of them silently started to eat, but Xu Jiamu didn't have much of an appetite. When Lin Qianqian put her chopsticks down, she realized that there wasn't a single trace of oil on his plate.

    "Big Brother Jiamu are you not feeling well? Why aren't you eating?" she asked.

    Instead of replying to her, Xu Jiamu's gaze fell on Father Lin's face. "Uncle, the question you just asked is exactly what I wanted to speak to you about today."

    Lin Qianqian wore a face of joy. "Big Brother Jiamu, daddy just asked you when you'll marry me. Just when do you plan to marry me?"

    Xu Jiamu glanced over at the smiling girl before unhurriedly meeting Father Lin's eyes again. "This marriage, I won't go through with it."

    The expression on Lin Qianqian's face instantly froze. A slither of a surprised smile still lingered on the corners of her lips.

    Father Lin stared into Xu Jiamu's eyes with a flash of confusion.

    Both father and daughter didn't say a word.

    The private room fell silent.

    Xu Jiamu sat calmly in his seat. After about a minute, he repeated the words he'd just said once more. "My sincere apologies, I can't go through with this wedding."
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