Chapter 864: Ending (25)

    Chapter 864: Ending (25)

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    Xu Jiamu didn't know how to do it the first time, couldn't do it the second time... Then, he gained a lot more determination.

    So much so that at that very moment, the expression on his face was unusually serious and dignified. It was as though he practically had a duty to do what he was going to do.

    Sitting beside him, Lin Qianqian blinked, and finally snapped to her senses. Tears rolled down her face. "Big Brother Jiamu, are you joking..."

    Xu Jiamu was silent.

    Tears poured down the girl's face. "Big Brother Jiamu, don't forget that my daddy promised that if you marry me, then that piece of land, Dongyuan, will be yours... and that collaboration with Chengsi..."

    Xu Jiamu remained silent. The expression on his face didn't have a trace of warmth.

    Lin Qianqian suddenly stood up in anger from Xu Jiamu's indifference. "Big Brother Jiamu, Dongyuan and Chengsi, you've had your eye on them for a long time. Could it be that you don't want them anymore?"

    "I don't want them." Xu Jiamu finally spoke up. In comparison to Lin Qianqian's emotional display, he was evidently calm, as though this was something in which he had put some serious consideration. "I thought about it deeply for a long while. I don't want any of it."

    Father Lin, who had remained quiet from the very start, asked, "Why?"

    Xu Jiamu turned away from the sobbing Lin Qianqian beside him and stared at Father Lin, and said in a heavy tone, "Because there's something I treasure more."

    "A woman?" asked Father Lin.

    "A woman," repeated Xu Jiamu, with a firm tone.

    "Is it worth it?" asked Father Lin in response as though he had heard a funny joke. "For a woman, you can give up such a bright future? Don't you forget, once you get Dongyuan and Chengsi, the entire business scene of Beijing will be yours to rule..."

    "The world is an unworthy exchange for her." It was obvious that Xu Jiamu didn't want to talk about it. With that reply, he stood right up, grabbed his jacket, and politely said "Goodbye", as he walked out of the private dining room.

    When he pulled the doors open, he stopped outside and called for the waiter, "Check, please."

    He then shut the doors, silencing the faint, heart-wrenching cries of Lin Qianqian.


    It was three in the afternoon when Xu Jiamu left Jade Wave Garden, the time when the sun was fiercest.

    He stood at the entrance with his head up high, staring at the bright sun in the sky. He suddenly felt the most relaxed and peaceful he had felt in a long time.

    Ever since he were little till now, he felt that men ought to rule the business world, like the heroes in ancient history who fought on the battlefields in high spirits. He thought that all that romantic, lovey-dovey stuff was completely unimportant.

    So he never thought about love or marriage whilst he was with Song Xiangsi for seven years.

    But sometimes, even if you don't think about it, that doesn't mean that love won't come.

    There were many times when he was really confused. At first, when he and Song Xiangsi broke up, he wondered why he was so angry. He was the one who obviously left the apartment in anger, and yet why did he linger outside the door, not wanting to really leave?

    Then, he waited three whole hours for her but she didn't come out. He had felt a ball of fire in his heart burn, intensifying as time went by. Eventually, he stormed downstairs to his car and sped off. And because of how emotional he was, he got into an accident.

    After he woke up, he was even more annoyed when she didn't come to see him.
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