Chapter 871: Ending (32)

    Chapter 871: Ending (32)

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    Chen Yang put the ring away and stood up. He raised his arm, and wiped Qiao Anxia's ceaseless tears. "Xia Xia... What I want isn't fairness. What I want is you."

    Qiao Anxia's tears fell so violently that no matter how hard he tried to wipe her them away, they never ended. Eventually, he held her face up and stared right into her eyes. "If you don't want to get married now, that's fine. We can continue to be girlfriend and boyfriend. If you don't want to ever marry because you're worried about being a nuisance, then we can be girlfriend and boyfriend forever. Besides, if you don't want to ever get married, then I don't..."

    Qiao Anxia let out a "Wahhh!", then hugged Chen Yang's neck, as she wailed like a child.

    Chen Yang took her in his arms and patted her back. With a gentle voice, he comforted her softly, "Alright, don't cry..."

    The cries didn't cease in the slightest.

    The fireflies tirelessly circled the two of them, their warm yellow glow flashing incessantly.


    Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, spring had gone and summer had come, the summer was over and autumn arrived, autumn left and winter came. On a heavily snowy night, one week before Qiao Anhao's due date, she was suddenly woken up by a sharp pain. She instinctively reached her arm out and pushed Lu Jinnian beside her.

    He quickly woke up and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Right after, he was instantly wide awake, for he heard Qiao Anhao's painful groans. He swiftly turned the lights on to see Qiao Anhao's pale face and the drenched sheets below. Her water had broke!

    Because Lu Jinnian hadn't a clue about giving birth, he took enough preparation classes in advance to welcome Little Rice Cake into the world. Despite practically being half a gynecologist, he was still evidently lost in fear at such a predicament.

    He practically jumped out of the bed and landed on the ground. He first called the doctor, then without even bothering to get changed, he carried Qiao Anhao, and ran down the stairs.

    Qiao Anhao was in so much pain, her entire body curled up. Seeing her like that, Lu Jinnian was even more shaken. It took him two tries to start up the car engine.

    It snowed heavily. The streets were covered in white, and the temperature was so low that the falling snow turned to ice. Lu Jinnian drove so fast that every now and then, when he would make a turn, Qiao Anhao could hear the tires screech. She endured the pain, and instinctively said, "Lu Jinnian, don't be so worried..."

    Don't worry? How could he not be worried?

    He was truly happy that she was pregnant. They finally were having a baby, and their family was finally going to be complete.

    But now, seeing in just how much pain she was, the immense happiness he felt was replaced with fear.

    When they reached the hospital, Lu Jinnian practically jumped out of the car once he had barely turned the car engine off. Without any grace at all, he barged into the maternity ward.


    The moment Qiao Anhao entered the delivery room, Lu Jinnian was left all alone in the corridor outside.

    Every now and then, Qiao Anhao's heart wrenching screams could be heard from the delivery room. Her cries left Lu Jinnian scared witless. For someone who was always mentally strong, he actually felt flustered as to what to do next. Eventually, when he reached the very end of his wits, he couldn't care too much any more. He pulled out his phone and called Xu Jiamu, Chen Yang, Qiao Anxia, his assistant, Zhao Meng, all of them to come over.

    Xu Jiamu was the first to arrive. Just as he came out of the elevator, he heard Lu Jinnian's voice traveling through the corridor.
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