Chapter 872: Ending (33)

    Chapter 872: Ending (33)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Xu Jiamu was the first to arrive. Just as he came out of the elevator, he heard Lu Jinnian's voice traveling through the corridor.

    "What's going on? It's been almost an hour now. Why is she still in so much pain?"

    As Lu Jinnian said this, Qiao Anhao's screams came from the delivery room, causing him to cry in distress. "Qiao Qiao! Qiao Qiao! How are you doing?"

    Then there were a series of frantic 'dong-dong-dong' kicking sounds against the door.

    Xu Jiamu rushed over to Lu Jinnian, grabbed his arm, and dragged him back by a good meter. Just then, Qiao Anhao let out a harrowing scream from the delivery room, causing Lu Jinnian to abruptly jumped for the delivery room doors again. Thankfully Xu Jiamu had quick reflexes. He reached his arm out, hugged his waist, and viciously dragged him back. "Lu Jinnian, can you calm down?"

    "Can't you hear her scream my name? She's been screaming for an hour now!" Lu Jinnian's arms and legs flailed about as he attempted to escape Xu Jiamu's grip. "I have to go in... go in!".

    "Go in my back foot!" Just as Xu Jiamu couldn't hold Lu Jinnian, who had already completely lost his mind, back any longer, Qiao Anxia bustled into the scene in her high heels. Behind her was Chen Yang, who carried her bag.

    Qiao Anxia didn't think twice, lifted her leg, and mercilessly kicked Lu Jinnian in the leg. "Why are you screaming? I heard you screaming before I even got out of the elevator. Qiao Anhao was in the right frame of mind to give birth, but after your hollering, she's probably going into a difficult labor!"

    "Qiao Anxia, who the ** are you saying is having a difficult labor?" Lu Jinnian glared at Qiao Anxia with bloodshot eyes.

    Qiao Anxia let out a tut, before turning her head without so much as a glance back at him. She reached her arm out and pulled Xu Jiamu's hands right off

    Lu Jinnian stumbled forward and almost bumped his head into the delivery room doors.

    As he found his balance, he raised his leg, ready to kick the doors again.

    But before his foot touched the delivery room door, Qiao Anxia crisp voice spoke again. "Go on, kick it. You'd better open it with one kick, so everyone can go in. After all, seeing a bunch of people rush in will surely affect the doctor... And no matter what, Qiao Anhao will certainly be the person affected the most... If it's serious, then she and the child will end up dead... Now wouldn't that be the perfect way to get the mother and child murdered..."

    It was like someone had pressed the pressure points on Lu Jinnian's body, all of a sudden he stopped kicking. His leg stayed suspended in midair for about half a minute, then he finally lowered it, turned around, and stepped away from the delivery room doors with a cold expression on his face.

    In the delivery room, Qiao Anhao cried ceaselessly in pain.

    The assistant and Zhao Meng also rushed in, one after the other.

    The few people in the corridor fell silent.

    Lu Jinnian paced incessantly up and down. Every time he heard Qiao Anhao's excruciating cries, his body would quiver. His face turned unusually pale and eventually, he was dripping in sweat.

    Time ticked by. In the end, the delivery room fell completely silent.

    "Is it over?" asked Qiao Anxia in relief.

    No one replied. Everybody listened intently for any movement.

    One second, ten seconds, one minute, two minutes... The delivery room was still silent as ever. There weren't any painful cries from adults nor from babies. This type of silence felt far more horrifying than Qiao Anhao's piercing screams.
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