Chapter 876: Ending(37)

    Chapter 876: Ending(37)

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    "Whenever he sees a better looking man, he'll stay a little longer, take a look... Now that Cheng Yang is carrying him, he's smiling..."

    At that moment, Xu Jiamu reached a hand out to grab Little Rice Cake from Cheng Yang's arm. The baby stuck out both his stubby arms, clenching onto Xu Jiamu's face with a bright toothless smile.

    Qiao Anxia stood beside him, waiting for her turn, but the moment she reached out her hand towards Little Rice Cake, he tilted his head to the side, continuing to smile at Xu Jiamu.

    Qiao Anhao started to worry. "Lu Jinnian, do you think there's something going on with his sexual preference..."

    "Mmh." He was still a baby, why would he have a particular preference... Before Lu Jinnian could disagree though, Qiao Anhao grabbed onto his sleeve, turning to look at him with seriousness. "Lu Jinnian, tell me honestly, deep inside, do you prefer guys more? Especially the younger ones?

    "Was that why you supported Cheng Yang?

    "Lu Jinnian, do you perhaps have feelings for him..."

    Lu Jinnian felt his heart choke up, what was she saying!

    He inhaled deeply, allowing himself to calm down before leaning over to her ear. "Qiao Qiao, I'm starting to worry about Little Rice Cake's intelligence."

    "Why?" Qiao Anhao glared over, seemingly upset that he was insulting her son. "Little Rice Cake is just a month old, how can you judge his intelligence level?"

    "The internet wrote that a baby's intelligence comes from the mother." Lu Jinnian leaned over to leave one more sentence before turning to smile formally at an incoming guest.

    Qiao Anhao stared at Little Rice Cake for a while more before processing Lu Jinnian's words. Turning, she rushed over to his side in agitation, and tugging at his sleeve, whined, "Lu Jinnian, were you calling me dumb just now?"


    Little Rice Cake seemed to really like Xu Jiamu, clinging onto his arms, not allowing anyone else to come near. Xu Jiamu didn't seem to mind at all as he gazed at the baby indulgently.

    Throughout the celebration, Little Rice Cake remained cuddled inside his arms.

    Halfway through, the baby wet himself. When Qiao Anhao got the nurse over to handle it, he started to cry, refusing to leave Xu Jiamu's arms. In the end, Xu Jiamu had to change his diapers clumsily, even helping him wipe his tiny butt.

    It was Xu Jiamu's first time, his actions were clumsy and cluttered. When he removed the diapers, several drops flowed onto his pants, but, still, he didn't seem to mind. After using a wet tissue to wipe himself clean, he continued to tend to Little Rice Cake.

    Later on, there was only one table fit for ten people occupied. Only a couple of the closest friends were left - a few business partners and Cheng Yang's friends from the industry.

    Not all of his friends were actors, one of them was a famous videographer that specifically took photos for the A-listers.

    As they chatted, the conversation turned towards Song Xiangsi.

    "Song Xiangsi is the most charismatic woman I know."
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