Chapter 877: Ending(38)

    Chapter 877: Ending(38)

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    "Indeed, Song Xiangsi is the most charismatic woman I've met, she's one in a million."

    The videographer seemed to have a high regard for Song Xiangsi, singing praise as though she was his female goddess. "As long as there was a feeling I mentioned, she could portray it instantly. Among all the stars that I've worked with, she was indeed the best and most efficient... It's a pity that she retired recently."

    Instinctively, Qiao Anhao continued, "Sister Xiangsi has always treated me well, previously, she had also helped me out a lot. But why would she leave the industry so abruptly? She had to pay up two billion for the movie she had accepted earlier."

    "Sister Xiangsi is... decisive indeed."

    Everyone who knew Song Xiangsi only had praises.

    From the very beginning, Xu Jiamu kept a faint smile on his face as though they were talking about a stranger he hadn't heard about. There were several times he raised Little Rice Cake into the air, delighting him tremendously.

    "But Song Xiangsi seems to have disappeared entirely..." Cheng Yang added as he sipped his wine.

    "The last time I met her..." Cheng Yang's friend tilted his head sideways to ponder before adding, "It was about six months ago in Los Angeles. She was shopping with a man, and when I greeted her, she greeted me faintly as usual before leaving on the man's arms."

    Xu Jiamu listened to the conversation, but there wasn't much change in his expression. His gaze was focused on Little Rice Cake's tiny face. The baby reached one stubby arm out to caress his chin, garnering a bright smile from him.

    Xu Jiamu appeared normal, so no one realized that once Song Xiangsi was mentioned, he stopped being part of the conversation and diverted all his attention to Little Rice Cake. In the end, the baby even fell asleep in his arms. When Qiao Anhao signaled for him to pass him over, he just shook his head, staring at Little Rice Cake as he snoozed.


    The day of Little Rice Cake's celebration was also Christmas.

    Ever since Qiao Anhao got pregnant, she hadn't been out enjoying herself, so once the crowd dissipated, Mother Qiao hinted at the younger generation to go and have some fun.

    Even though they all met often, they barely had any gatherings. Lu Jinnian instructed his assistant to book a private room at a club for everyone to have some fun.

    Qiao Anhao was still undergoing her lactation period, hence she couldn't touch alcohol and sipped on fresh orange juice.

    When they were younger, they would always have gatherings like this, since Xu Jiamu had a playful nature. But as time went by, he seemed to mature, playfulness replaced by solemness and maturity.

    Qiao Anxia remained the same, overflowing with vigor and enthusiasm. Under the influence of alcohol, she once again made everyone play truth or dare.

    As everyone started to play, Qiao Anhao could feel herself returning back to the past.
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