Chapter 890: After(7)

    Chapter 890: After(7)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Xu Jiamu felt as though something smashed hard into his heart, sending pulses of pain through him.

    All these years, he hadn't gone to find her and she hadn't came back to find him, just like that, they cut off all contact.

    But every time someone mentioned her name, he would subconsciously take note.

    All these years, he had heard many things about her, there was even a rumor about her getting married in Los Angeles. She married a divorced man with two children, the older one eight years old while the younger was three.

    As for the accuracy, he wasn't sure and never did dared to verify.

    He knew that he was afraid, afraid that the rumors were true...

    Mr. Luo and Mr. Zhang continued to discuss the endorsement model, occasionally mentioning Song Xiangsi. But Xu Jiamu no longer listened to their conversation, only when Mr. Luo asked him about his views on getting Song Xiangsi did he snap back from his daze. After a long moment of silence, he replied, "Anyone is fine." Right after, he used a random excuse to leave.

    It was currently summer. The afternoon sun blazed, sending unbearable heat waves through the air. Xu Jiamu was dressed in leather, so the moment he left the air-conditioned hotel, he started to sweat.

    But he continued to stand under the scorching sun, smoking, as though he couldn't feel the heat, only when he choked on the smoke did he snap out of his daze, heading for the car park.

    Xu Jiamu drove aimlessly, and in the end, he only took note of where he was when he once again reached Su Yuan apartment building.

    He was here once again.

    In this three years, he had been here countless times, every single time he drove aimlessly, he would end up here. He stared at the apartment blankly for a long while before leaving blankly like a fool.

    The sun was bright outside his window. When the rays became too blinding, Xu Jiamu restarted the engine. But before he could hit the accelerator, he caught sight of a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes. His heartbeat sped up. It was as though someone had pulled him aggressively, sending a tremble through him. Slamming onto the brakes, he turned his head violently to look straight at that familiar figure.

    Even though she was wearing a cap and shades that covered most of her face, he could still easily recognize her.

    There wasn't much change to her figure, but she was thinner. She wore matching red shirt and skirt that complemented her pale skin, exposing her long slender legs. Her feet were put into a pair of flats.

    She seemed to be talking on the phone. Her head was lowered, her red lips curled upwards. It was the same lazy smile she previously wore so often, exactly like he remembered.

    When he finally snapped back to reality, Song Xiangsi had already boarded a car. Instinctively, he slammed onto the accelerator to chase after her, but when he remembered how they had separated three years ago, the impulse dissipated. Exhausted, Xu Jiamu slouched onto the seat weakly.

    The car remained in silence for five minutes until his phone rang.

    Xu Jiamu hesitated before turning to look at the screen. Without waiting, he picked it up. "Bro?"
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