Chapter 895: After (12)

    Chapter 895: After (12)

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    Xu Jiamu didn't hear Qiao Anhao following behind him and asking questions. He simply pulled open the door and got into the car. With a troubled heart, he stepped on the accelerator, turned the steering wheel, and drove off.

    The phone on the passenger's seat rang. It was Lu Jinnian calling. Qiao Anhao must've told him something. Xu Jiamu glanced over at his phone screen, and reached his hand out to decline the call. After a pause, he switched his phone off.

    Two hours later, his car came to a stop. The world outside was already dark.

    Xu Jiamu got out of the car and stood at the door, staring at the pitch-black mountain in front of him. He swiftly shut the door, and walked up half the mountain.

    He did so with a muddled head. Like a robot, he came to a stop in front of a grave without a photo. After standing there for quite some time, he blinked, still in a daze, and the rims of his eyes suddenly became red.

    "Baby... Daddy saw your mommy today..."

    From just a few simple words, Xu Jiamu's voice instantly became choked up.

    If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes... if he hadn't felt the sharp pain in his heart on the left of his chest, he really would think that everything that happened this afternoon was all just a nightmare.

    Even though he said that there was no longer anything between them, he had still fantasized about the circumstances of how they would reunite.

    He thought of countless ways, but he never imagined that when they met again, she would be married, be someone else's wife.

    "Baby, your mommy is skinnier than before. Did she not eat well in America? But, she's still beautiful... It's just that..." As Xu Jiamu said that, he paused for a moment. "Your mommy really doesn't want your daddy anymore.

    "Baby, did you know? At first... Daddy didn't mean to treat your mommy like that, daddy just heard that Baby was gone, so I go really mad... You don't know just how happy papa was to find out about you, but how could mommy be so merciless as to not want you?

    "Actually, when daddy left, he really regretted it. Daddy came back to find mommy, but mommy had already left..."

    Xu Jiamu became a little distracted.

    That day, he was so mad, he really lost it. After he left, he headed straight downstairs, and threw the ring he prepared into the bin without a second thought.

    Then he went to a bar, and drank for most of the night. He was so drunk he couldn't walk straight, yet his mind was terrifyingly clear.

    She aborted his child, so how could he still hate part with her?

    He staggered out of the bar, and hailed a taxi back to Su Yuan apartments.

    He scoured the dirty bins for a long long time before finally fishing out the ring. Then, he staggered up the stairs, punched in the passcode a few times before opening the door.

    The messy room told him just how just how much he had fallen.

    When wind blew in from an open window, it brought a piece of paper in front of him with the words 'Painless surgical abortion' written on it.

    Clearly, he should hate her, but he was there to talk things through with her, and yet, she left. She left so swiftly, so easily, just as ruthlessly and cold as the surgical abortion papers.

    At that thought, a single tear fell from Xu Jiamu eyes. "Baby, mommy actually didn't want daddy from the beginning, right?"
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