Chapter 896: After(13)

    Chapter 896: After(13)

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    She didn't want him three years ago... No... It was four years ago... At that time, she had already mentioned leaving him.

    He understood everything but he chose to be ignorant to let himself feel better.

    But now, she is married...

    "Baby, daddy needs to stop lying to himself..."

    "Baby, don't blame mommy for being heartless, it wasn't that she didn't love you, she did it because of daddy. If you want to blame someone, blame daddy..."

    Xu Jiamu could no longer suppress his tears and allowed them to fall freely. Reaching out, he caressed the cold tombstone, his back trembling.


    Jiang Licheng placed Little Red Bean, who was fast asleep, on the bed softly, while Song Xiangsi tenderly tucked her in. After turning off the lights, they softly exited the room.

    Song Xiangsi headed to the kitchen to get two cups of water. When she passed one over to Jiang Licheng, she said, "Thank you."

    He accepted the cup, glancing over at her before taking a sip. "Are you thanking me for bringing my mentor over from America to treat your father or for acting alongside you at the kindergarten yesterday?"

    Song Xiangsi was aware that the emphasis was on the second half of the sentence. She smiled lightly, and, without a word, took a sip of water.

    Jiang Licheng slouched on the sofa. He turned the cup in his hands. "Xu Jiamu, the CEO of Xu Enterprise, Little Red Bean's biological father...You placed her under my and Song Yao's name, and even increased her age by half a month, was it all to prevent him from finding out?"

    Song Xiangsi lowered her eyes helplessly.

    Three years ago when she reached Seattle, she was a pregnant women who was clueless and ignorant. At that time, she used a large sum to employ a private gynecologist, Jiang Licheng.

    His wife had the same first name identical to Song Xiangsi's - Song Yao. Just like she, the woman originated from Su Zhou, and at that time, she was pregnant as well. With a common topic, they got along harmoniously.

    Song Yao was on her second child and was due three months earlier. However, on her eighth month, she went into a sudden labor. The baby wasn't in the right position, causing a difficult labor, killing both the mother and the child. When Song Xiangsi gave birth to Little Red Bean, she placed her under Jiang Licheng's name.

    Just as he mentioned, she was afraid that Little Red Bean would be photographed by paparazzi, alerting Xu Jiamu and bringing unwanted trouble.

    After having three years of understanding, Jiang Licheng could tell that she agreed on the matter. He placed the cup of water down before continuing in a calm tone, "Xiangsi, I can tell that after you met Mr. Xu, you've been in a daze. I believe that there is something you haven't gotten over..."

    "Licheng..." Song Xiangsi knew what he was going to say. Smiling, she interrupted him faintly, "This afternoon, a makeup company contacted me. They would like to invite me to be their endorsement model and I plan on accepting it."


    Song Xiangsi didn't give him any opportunity to continue, shutting him off. "You should know that with payments for breaching contracts, I didn't have much left. My living expenses in America depleted a large chunk of the remaining money, and now that my dad is hospitalized, I need a huge sum."
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