Chapter 897: After (14)

    Chapter 897: After (14)

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    Jiang Licheng opened his mouth again to speak but the words never came. Without messing around, Song Xiangsi continued to speak. "From now on, if Little Red Bean needs any money, we have more than enough. Although the endorsement fees that the other party offered me are a lot less than before, it's quite a sum of money for me right now. It'll be enough for Little Red Bean and I to live frugally for the rest of our lives. Afterall, I don't know when my father will get well, so we should take the advantage of this time. I want to film that commercial."

    "Song Xiangsi, you obviously know what I want to talk to you about." Having been unable to let out a single word, Jiang Licheng finally couldn't hold back the anger in his voice.

    "After a while, if I get busy with filming and can't take care of Little Red Bean, please help me look after her. Thank you." As Song Xiangsi said this, she calmly got up, dragged Jiang Licheng by the arm to the entrance, and opened the front door. "Alright, Licheng, it's getting late now. You'd better be off, I also need to get some rest."

    "Song Xiangsi, you..." Jiang Licheng hadn't finished when Song Xiangsi pushed him right out the door. Without a second word, the door shut with a bang.

    On the other side of the door, Song Xiangsi clearly heard Jiang Licheng swearing in anger, followed by the 'ding dong' of the elevator. In the end, the room fell silent .

    Song Xiangsi stood at the entrance for a while, before walking softly over to the bedroom. She looked at Little Red Bean fast asleep on the bed, and then walked over to the balcony.

    She pulled the large doors open, and leaned against the railings. Song Xiangsi stared down at the million lights, as her mind involuntarily wandered to the image of Xu Jiamu in the afternoon.

    He looked a lot more mature than he did three years ago. His hair was cut short, revealing his handsome forehead. He wasn't wearing the latest fashion like he did before, but a suit, which made him look taller.

    His gaze was far more reserved than before. His every move seemed understated, but stable.

    In three short years, he had actually become a more tranquil person. He practically seemed to have lost the upbeat, unorganized, and the do-as-he-pleases attitude.

    Jiamu, Xu Jiamu.

    As Song Xiangsi thought about it, she couldn't suppress the pain. It felt like someone had sliced her with a knife, drenching her in blood. The sight of it was tragically gory.


    The person in charge of negotiating with Song Xiangsi's cosmetics commercial was Chief Luo, but when Xu Jiamu learned that she was interested in shooting the ad, he suddenly requested to personally discuss it with her.

    When Chief Luo heard this, he was quite astonished, but seeing as Xu Jiamu was Lu Jinnian's own brother, he imagined that he could negotiate for lower endorsement fees, so he agreed with no comments.

    Xu Jiamu didn't directly meet up with Song Xiangsi but arranged for his secretary to first contact her. Once they discussed the details, then the terms had to be finalized. Xu Jiamu waited for the signing of the contract face-to-face to show up.

    His secretary and Song Xiangsi's manager set up a meeting for Wednesday afternoon at The Capital Club.

    At first, the secretary thought Xu Jiamu would go together with him, but just as the clock turned twelve in the afternoon, Xu Jiamu grabbed the documents from him, and set off on his own.
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