Chapter 907: After (24)

    Chapter 907: After (24)

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    The same Four Seasons hotel, the same room.

    It was just decorated differently.

    Today was the same as that day. He was walked in the front, and she followed behind. He escorted her into the hotel room.

    He sat on the sofa watching TV, and she stood uncomfortably at the door like before.

    Though he had dated a few girls here and there, but that was the first time he'd ever stayed in the same room with a woman. Despite looking very calm, only the heavens knew that he was probably more nervous than she deep down inside.

    That time, the two of them also arrived at the hotel at eight, but he didn't let her sleep until twelve.

    That day, she didn't dare glance at him when he said his first words to her. She stood at the door with her head lowered and nodded without so much as a twitch of a muscle.

    Later, he went to take a shower. After the shower, he climbed onto the bed and called her to take a shower. She was more hesitant than he was when she walked into the bathroom. When she came out, her clothes were neat and tidy, as she practically shuffled one step at a time to the side of the bed. He didn't know if it was because he was impatient or anxious, but he suddenly sat up and dragged her onto the bed. Her body trembled ferociously and her eyes blinked incessantly; she didn't dare glance at him.

    At the time, he didn't do anything but hug her to sleep until the next morning. When he opened his eyes, she was using his arm as a pillow. She was fast asleep, and the sunlight cut through the floor-to-ceiling window to fall onto her white and youthful face. He looked at her eyes and couldn't help but kiss her lips.

    She woke up in a fright, and timidly raised her hand to push him away, but just when she touched his shoulder, she lost all her strength.

    He stripped her, one item of clothing at a time. He remembered that day well. He had moved so stiffly, without any techniques. It was also his first time, so after thrusting for a long time, he wasn't successful. In the end, he was drenched entirely in sweat, and he felt truly embarrassed, as he ground for almost four hours. She was finally his woman.

    Xu Jiamu gulped, then put memory in the back of his mind. Without turning around to look at Song Xiangsi, he asked in a flat voice, "Have you had dinner?"

    She didn't speak until a long time had passed. "Yeah, I have."

    Xu Jiamu didn't say a word, watching the TV in a daze.

    Did she just have dinner with her husband? He hadn't even eaten lunch today...

    The room was quiet again for a while. Suddenly, Xu Jiamu shut the TV off and glanced over at Song Xiangsi, still standing at the door. He didn't say a word, but walked over to the bedroom.

    Soon enough, Song Xiangsi heard the faint sound of running water coming from inside.

    After taking a quick shower, Xu Jiamu stepped out of the bathroom in a bath robe and shot her a glance. He pointed to the bedroom behind him. Though he hadn't said a word, Song Xiangsi understood what he meant. She tightly pursed her lips, then brushed past him and walked towards the bathroom.

    Xu Jiamu waited to hear the sound of running water in the bathroom, before walking over to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. He lit up a cigarette. When he finished smoking, the sound of running water came to a stop. He put out his cigarette, stared for a bit at the waning lights outside the window, then went back into the bedroom.
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