Chapter 911: After (28)

    Chapter 911: After (28)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Xu Jiamu didn't make a sound, but silently pulled his hand trapped between the door, and flatly handed the bellboy his keys. "May I trouble you to please park the car. Thank you."

    When the bellboy took the keys, Xu Jiamu turned around and walked into the China World Hotel.

    He stood in the elevator with a dull expression on his face, and his eyes looking dead ahead. With his good hand, he silently rubbed his other clamped hand that was covered in dark purple bruises. He felt an excruciating pain from a single touch, but no matter how much it hurt, it was just an incredibly small fraction of the pain he felt in his heart.

    He clearly was dead set on forgetting about her, and wanted to break any habits he developed that had anything to do with her... However, whenever he saw her, he couldn't help but stare at her in a trance. Now, he didn't even have any right to say a simple 'hello'.

    One day, he'll get rid of the habit of staring at her transfixed, too.


    At the party, Xu Jiamu was elegant and courteous. No matter if he knew the person or not, if anyone approached him, he would smile at them and patiently have a casual conversation with them for a while. He appeared perfect and untouchable.

    There was indeed quite a few rich women who actively came up to talk to him. Among them, there were one or two young women, who put their whole attention on him and managed to create opportunities for themselves to bump into him a few times at the party.

    In the past, Xu Jiamu never bothered with girls like these, but tonight, when those girls greeted him, he smiled back or clinked glasses like a gentleman.

    Halfway through the party, he pulled away and walked over to a quiet balcony. He lit up a cigarette, but when he had smoked half of it, someone suddenly opened the glass doors behind him and stepped in.

    Xu Jiamu turned his head instinctively to find a young woman.

    She was slightly stunned to find that there was someone on the balcony, and so she smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I didn't know there was someone here."

    Xu Jiamu didn't say a word, but he put out the cigarette in his hand, and then walked towards the hall, giving the balcony away to this woman who was looking for some fresh air.

    He reached his arm out to pull the door, when suddenly the woman took a glance at his fingers and cried out, "Sir, your hand looks serious, have you applied ointment on it?"

    Xu Jiamu glanced at his own fingers that were swollen from being caught between the doors. His brows were calm when he turned his head towards to the girl and gave her a gentle nod. He thanked her for her concern and was about to close the doors.

    But the woman pulled out some ointment from her handbag and handed it to him. "This ointment is useful for getting rid of bruises. Take it."

    Xu Jiamu didn't take but looked up again to take another look at the woman. She wasn't exactly pretty, and even if she had applied some make up, she was still quite ordinary-looking.

    Under his gaze, she felt a little embarrassed, figuring she might've been a little overenthusiastic. With a shy smile, she said in a quiet voice, "Sorry, I'm a doctor. When I see someone hurt, I'm conditioned to react like that."

    With that, the woman retracted her hand back.
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