Chapter 915: After (32)

    Chapter 915: After (32)

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    Yang Sisi drank a little hastily. A trickle of water fell from the corner of her lips and onto her shirt.

    Standing next to her, Xu Jiamu wasn't the least bit annoyed or bothered by her clumsy and inelegant actions. Instead, he even pulled out a tissue from his pocket and carefully wiped away the drops of water on her face and shirt.

    Yang Sisi held her bottle of water with an embarrassed look. She bit the corner of her lips and smiled at Xu Jiamu. Then, she reached her hand out to take the tissue from his hand and said a few words.

    Song Xiangsi couldn't catch what she was saying because they were quite far away. After that, she saw Xu Jiamu shake his head at Yang Sisi, turn around to walk over to the bin, and throw the tissue into the bin.

    Perhaps that woman, Yang Sisi, wanted to throw it into the bin herself.

    Xu Jiamu had done particularly well in the past year. Every now and then, many business news outlets would report on his activity. Song Xiangsi deliberately didn't pay attention to news about him, she tried hard to control herself from following his activity. Yet perhaps because she crossed paths with him a few times now, she couldn't fight her inner desires any longer, for she'd always find herself reading about him on the news.

    She knew that he treated that woman, Yang Sisi, really well. So well, in fact, he was completely obedient. When she read about it, she thought that perhaps the news was just exaggerating things, but now that she saw it today, she finally realized that the news articles weren't making things up. Xu Jiamu treated Yang Sisi well, so well in fact, it was far from what she imagined.

    After that, no matter if it was during the retouching of her make up or shooting up on stage, Song Xiangsi didn't even glance over at Xu Jiamu and Yang Sisi.

    Midway through production, she needed to shoot a video up on stage in her sixteen centimeter heels. She had been wearing tall high heels before, but not since Little Red Bean was born, so now she was having a little trouble. She noticed it was particularly difficult getting up on stage. Her steps were unsteady, and she almost slipped off stage. Luckily, her assistant and staff members standing beside her had quick reflexes, and were able to catch her.

    Sitting not too far away, the moment he saw Song Xiangsi buckle, Xu Jiamu bolted up and instinctively moved away from his seat. When he saw someone support her up, he stopped in his tracks.

    "Jiamu, what's wrong?" asked Yang Sisi, turning to him in confusion.

    Xu Jiamu shook his head, then calmly sat back in his seat.

    "That was close just now..." Yang Sisi let out a long sigh of relief from the fright. She held the photo of her and Song Xiangsi up to Xu Jiamu, and continued to say, "Jiamu, look! My wishes finally came true, I took a photo with the star I liked for so many years. She's so pretty..."

    Xu Jiamu let out a gentle "Yeah", then shot a quick glance over at Yang Sisi's phone, before looking at Song Xiangsi nearby, surrounded by people. Everyone was checking to see if she was injured. In the end, she waved them away and made her way back on the steps. That's when everybody dispersed and went back to their places to continue the shoot.
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