Chapter 921: Continuation(2)

    Chapter 921: Continuation(2)

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    After Xu Jiamu finished massaging Song Xiangsi's feet, he covered them with her shoes. "Is it better?"

    His question snapped her back to reality. She hurriedly lowered her eyes to conceal the moisture within them and nodded lightly, while taking in a large mouthful of yogurt.

    The corridor was silent for a time. After a seemingly long while, Xu Jiamu's phone rang, piercing through the calm air.

    He reached for his phone. When he saw the name on the screen, he suddenly remembered that he had a dinner with Yang Sisi. He walked a distance away before picking up the call.

    Even though he deliberately lowered his voice, Song Xiangsi could still make out the words.

    "I'm sorry, I forgot to inform you that something urgent came up. ... Where are you now? I'll get someone to send you home. ... Sure, mmh, no problem. I will definitely give you an apology, rest well."

    After he hung up, he walked back. When he was about two meters away from Song Xiangsi, she suddenly turned away. "Thank you for tonight. It's getting late, you should go back to have some rest."

    "It's fine," Xu Jiamu replied faintly before returning to lean against the wall in front of her.

    Song Xiangsi moved her lips but remained silent. The corridor once again sunk into its original silence. After about five minutes, the operating doors burst open. Song Xiangsi stood up aggressively in front, and Xu Jiamu straightened.

    The principal doctor was the first to walk out. He removed his mask and shook his head gravely towards Song Xiangsi.

    Xu Jiamu turned to glance at her instinctively, with a hint of worry.

    Song Xiangsi bit onto her lip. "What do you mean?"

    "Mrs. Song, I'm sorry." He lowered his head slightly before continuing. "Mr. Song's age caused his functions to deteriorate. If we were to operate on him again, the risk is too much, he might not be able to take it. If he were to remain in status quo, being fed medicine regularly, he could live a while more, but for exactly how long, it'll depend on him."

    Song Xiangsi faltered, and Xu Jiamu hurriedly rushed forward to support her. "Where's the dean, I would like to speak with him."

    "I'm really sorry but it'll be futile even if you find the best doctor," the principal doctor said apologetically. "Mrs. Song, Mr. Song is still awake, he would like to have a few words with you. You can visit him for a short while."

    He then bowed down sincerely.


    Song Xiangsi entered the ward alone, her father had the bed rest up and a drip in his arm. He looked reasonably alert. When he saw Song Xiangsi, he smiled before patting the space beside him. "Sisi, sit here."

    "Mmh." After she sat down, he grabbed onto her hand. "Sisi, daddy knows. There isn't much time left and I've already told the doctors I'm giving up on treatment."
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