Chapter 923: Continuation(4)

    Chapter 923: Continuation(4)

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    Various motions flashed past Xu Jiamu's eyes as he stared at her. After a few seconds, he replied coldly, "Aren't you married? Why don't you get your husband instead?"

    Song Xiangsi paled, and lowered her eyes in silence.

    Xu Jiamu couldn't explain his anger, his words incredibly harsh. "Why, you don't want him to know that you married a man much older than you are, or that you are now the step-mother of two children? Are you worried that he'll be so disappointed he won't rest in peace?"

    She bit her lips, she hung her head lower, and even her shoulders began to slouch.

    Xu Jiamu stared at the tip of her head, his eyes brightening slightly before he finally gave up. In a tone less cold than before, he said, "Let's go."

    She lifted her head in shock.

    Xu Jiamu remained silent. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her towards her father's ward. When they were about to reach it, he remembered about her swollen foot, and his strides slowed down.

    Just when he was about to push open the door, Song Xiangsi reached out to stop him. Xu Jiamu stilled, turning to glance at her coldly.

    She avoided his gaze and stammered out, "I told my father than I have a boyfriend and that we've been together for eleven years... I also told him that he owns a big company and has a lot of money... and that he plans on marrying me in the next half of the year..."

    Xu Jiamu frowned.

    At this moment, she didn't dare to look at him, expecting to see disgust and mockery in his eyes. Her arrogant face started to look uneasy. "And, the fifty thousand dollars back then... My father always always believed that it was from my boyfriend.

    "I also told my father that my boyfriend treats me well..."

    Song Xiangsi paused. After struggling for a bit, she said in a small and pitiful voice, "So, could you treat me a little better later, in front of my father..."

    She seemed to have realized then the number of demands she had made, so she paused and changed her words. "Actually, you don't have to treat me well in front of him, you just have to sit with him for a while, at most ten minutes. Oh, no, five minutes will be fine. You don't have to say much, you just need to smile at him and agree with what he says..."

    Xu Jiamu couldn't explain his emotions, this was probably the first time she had pleaded with him so lowly. His heart clenched, and he could feel a sharp throbbing pain in his heart.

    He nodded and turned to knock on the door politely. When he heard a hoarse "Come in.", he pushed the door, with Song Xiangsi in his hand.

    "Daddy, let me introduce him, he's..." With Xu Jiamu by her side, she couldn't seem to continue. Pausing, she finally added, "Boyfriend, Xu Jiamu."

    "Hello, uncle," Xu Jiamu greeted politely, with a smile on his face, before bending low to bow down.
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