Chapter 956: Conclusion(7)

    Chapter 956: Conclusion(7)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Xu Jiamu lightly bid his goodbye, then silently opened the door and headed out, after closing the door with cautiousness.

    Song Xiangsi was the only one left in the room. She sat in front of the dining table, staring at the table full of food. Grabbing onto the spoon, she ate a mouthful of porridge.

    It was sweet and just the right temperature, warming her throat. She could no longer hold her tears and allowed them to stream down her face.

    Just like in a movie playback, images flashed past her mind, scene by scene.

    He held onto the cash, making a deal with her, but when they entered the hotel room he didn't do anything.

    He waited with her when her father was in surgery, he knelt down in front of her to massage her ankle.

    He promised to act as her boyfriend and had then delighted her father. He didn't mind the dirt, helping her father wash his soiled clothes.

    He had always been pampered but willingly slept on the sofa in her house. He willingly made her meals and had even pulled the weeds from her mother's grave.

    He tended to all the necessary arrangements when her father passed away, stayed by her, knowing that she was upset.

    Late into the night, when she ran out in tears, he was the one who found her, bringing her back home. He guarded her by the side the entire night. Knowing she was afraid of thunder, he had called her countless times to find her. He had even prepared a tombstone for the child he thought was dead...

    What should she do... The more she thought about it, the more tempted she was to give in.

    The huge wall that she had struggled to build was starting to crumble.

    Song Xiangsi ate the porridge in tears. Then, the next moment, she placed the spoon abruptly and bolted up. Kicking the chair aside, she ran out the door to chase after him without even changing her shoes.

    She wanted to go back, she wanted to put Little Red Bean under their two names, she wanted to find a support, she didn't want to go stay in America, she didn't want to be alone anymore...

    The moment she reached the streets, she saw Xu Jiamu leaving in a cab.

    Without hesitation, she ran after the cab.

    There was a speed limit on the road so the cab drove slowly, but it still widened the distance between them steadily.


    The moment Xu Jiamu entered the cab, he shut his eyes.

    He always knew he missed her, but only when he met her did he realize how much.

    This time, he could only see her because she called, he didn't know when he would meet her again.

    Maybe never in this lifetime.

    An entire lifetime... Xu Jiamu lowered his head, staring at his palms.

    Once, he had held onto her hand... But in the end, he managed to lose her.

    Sorrow clouded his eyes, and he couldn't help turning to look into the rear view mirror. At that moment, his gaze froze.

    He stared at the rear mirror for a long moment before seemingly confirming something. He suddenly turned towards the driver. "Stop the car!"

    In a hurry, he realized that he had blurted it out in Chinese, so he repeated it in English once more. The driver slammed into the brakes, and before the cab had even fully stopped, Xu Jiamu tossed some money and jumped out.
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