Chapter 961: The Two Three Blissful Things(3)

    Chapter 961: The Two Three Blissful Things(3)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    [The Lu Qiao couple flaunting their love. Part 1]

    Qiao Anhao was born with a silver spoon and had been pampered her entire life.

    In the six months that Lu Jinnian had left her, she had to stay by herself, pay her own bills, clean , change the light bulbs, and do all the daily household chores. After she married him, he spoiled her endlessly, not allowing her to do anything, causing her to grow dependent on him.

    After Qiao Anxia became impotent, Little Rice Cake became the Qiao parents' precious treasure. Mother Qiao would often find random excuses to bring him to the Qiao mansion.

    On one day, Beijing was unusually cold. When Lu Jinnian was back home, he sneezed continuously. Mother Qiao, who was over to see Little Rice Cake, decided to bring him back home, as she was worried that Lu Jinnian would infect him.

    Initially, Lu Jinnian was fine but somehow at 9pm that night, he started burning with a fever. He was not willing to visit the hospital and since Madam Chen was busy, Qiao Anhao had to take care of him.

    There was backup medication at home, but ever since they married, Lu Jinnian was the only one who touched it. Qiao Anhao circled the room in search for the first aid kit. "Hubby, where's the first aid kit?"

    Lu Jinnian replied weakly, "In the cupboard under the television."

    After she found it, she didn't bother reading the manual. Instead, out of habit, she asked him, "Which medicine do you need for flu? Do you need anti-inflammatory drugs? How many do you need?"

    Lu Jinnian was visibly unwell, but he patiently replied to her endless questions while pushing his fatigued body upwards. "Bring it over."

    She brought the kit over obediently, and Lu Jinnian looked at the medication, taking two different types out.

    Qiao Anhao didn't prepare any water, so she hurriedly rushed downstairs without closing the bedroom door. Lu Jinnian remained tucked in bed. After a moment, he heard the sound of glass shattering coming from downstairs, and ignoring the discomfort of his body he rushed downstairs. The moment he was out, he saw Qiao Anhao kneeling on the floor, picking up the shattered glass shards. He anxiously went forward, grabbing onto her arms. "Let me do it, help me get the rubber gloves."

    Qiao Anhao brought the gloves quickly. When she saw his pale face, she decided to wear the gloves and clean up herself, but before she could put them on, Lu Jinnian snatched them from her, stuffing his hands in before kneeling down to clean up her mess. When he was done, he poured himself a cup of water and brought Qiao Anhao back upstairs.

    After he took his medication, he curled up in bed. Qiao Anhao reached out to touch his forehead, realizing that his temperature had increased. She recalled how even though she was supposed to be taking care of him, instead, she had brought him so much trouble... After they married, she had been pampered by him so much she had no idea where things were at home. She shut her eyes, guilt clouding them as she asked softly, "Lu Jinnian, am I a horrible wife?"

    "Mmh?" Lu Jinnian opened his eyes slightly, looking at her questioningly.
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