Chapter 129: You Can Just Go and Hug Him

    Chapter 129: You Can Just Go and Hug Him

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    Gu Xixi took another glance at Gu Xijiu and her lips curved into a faint smile, "The sixth Gu daughter should have felt their pulse, what say you? Do you know the type of poison in their bodies?" She did not want to mention the name of the poison to prevent Gu Xijiu from copying her and stealing away her limelight!

    This poison was very rare and strange. Therefore, she did not believe that Gu Xijiu, a mere little kid, would know this type of poison!

    The people shifted their focus on Gu Xijiu and saw Gu Xijiu with her arms folded. Gu Xijiu responded with a smile, "Saint, you may start healing first."

    Gu Xixi grinned, "You want to learn from me, don't you?"

    The corner of Gu Xijiu's lip curved, "Don't worry, the way I cure is definitely different from yours."

    Gu Xixi grunted, "Whatever you say. You won't be able to learn even if you tried to! And I promise that I can cure this disease with my medicine!"

    While speaking, she took out a little bottle, poured out a purple colored pill and fed it to Yu Mubai. Then, she started practicing with her palms on the back of the youth to help him transport and transform the medicine.

    After about an hour, a little flush crept into Yu Mubai's pale face, which was a sign of improvement.

    Gu Xixi stopped and said proudly, "Done! Let him rest for three days and have some tonic, a light diet and he will be completely healed..."

    It looked like this saint was indeed good in her medical skills! It was almost an instant relief.

    The people were admiring the saint, Yu Gelao gave a sigh of relief too but he was still worried about his another son and cannot help but look at Gu Xijiu. He found that she was talking to Yu Muqing and had not started her treatment yet.

    Of course, Gu Xijiu was the one who asked questions and Yu Muqing was just nodding or shaking his head, because he was still dumb.

    Yu Gelao was puzzled and could not help to urge, "Ms. Gu, shouldn't you start to heal now? The saint is done with her healing and Mubai is getting better too..."

    Suddenly, he heard a sound "Waaa..."

    He turned his head immediately and he was shocked to see what he saw.

    His face of his young son who was supposed to be better was flushed red. He was vomiting blood and there was a blue jar at his feet where he vomited the blood in.

    If the two servants by his side did not support him in time, he would have fell from the chair.

    "What's happening? What just happened?" Yu Gelao was nervous and the people were shocked.

    Gu Xixi was shocked too. She quickly went forward to feel the pulse of Yu Mubai and her face became pale.

    She had no time to say anything, instead she was seen hitting on a few acupuncture points on Yu Mubai's body with her fingers. However, what she did was apparently ineffective; she had failed to stop Yu Mubai from vomiting blood...

    After a moment, Yu Mubai had become as pale as a dead corpse. He sank wearily into the chair while was shivering. He seemed to be out of breath.

    Gu Xixi finally stopped saving him.

    "Saint, what now?" The voice of Yu Gelao was trembling.

    The face of Gu Xixi turned pale, "You sent him here too late. Though I used the right method, the poison has already reached his heart. I have done my best."

    In other words, Yu Mubai was already incurable!

    Yu Gelao could no longer stand properly. In tears, he staggered towards Yu Mubai, "Mubai..."

    "If you want him to die, go ahead and hug him!" The apathetic voice of Gu Xijiu was suddenly heard.

    Yu Gelao was shocked and raised his head to look at Gu Xijiu who was standing there. His voice was trembling again, "Then...then...Miss Gu, do you have any idea to cure him?"
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