Chapter 391: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize Ones Own Weakness 2

    Chapter 391: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize One's Own Weakness 2

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    She took out a chess set, put it on the small table and smiled, "Celestial Master Di, our return trip is boring. I heard that you are a master of playing chess and thus, I would like to ask for your advice."

    Her set of chess was unique as both the board and the chess were crafted from fine nephrite. They were warm, moist and glimmering under the sunlight.

    She used to inquire about Celestial Master Zuo and knew that he likes jade wares, as most of his utensils were made from jades. Therefore, she took out the set of chess in hopes to cater to his whim.

    Di Fuyi finally took a glance at her, "Are you very free?"

    Yun Qingluo, "Ahh?"

    "Since you're a heaven's gift disciple, you should be diligently practicing." Di Fuyi said indifferently, "Comparing to other heaven's gift disciples, you're lagging behind already!"

    Yun Qingluo blushed slightly, "But I'm still young..."

    "You're young?" Di Fuyi glanced at her, "Yun Qingluo, do you think you can lie to me?"

    Yun Qingluo was shocked and she seemed like she wanted to offer an explanation but eventually, she did not dare do so.

    Di Fuyi closed his eyes and said indifferently, "I don't care how old you are. As you're the heaven's gift disciple, you should be taking up the responsibility to train your spiritual power up to a level nine within 20 years lest the heavens will abandon you."

    Yun Qingluo looked pale, "My spiritual power is just at a level 6.5 and it would be very difficult to achieve level nine in 20 years." Most people could only level up to a level four in their lifetime, while a spiritual genius could only level up to a level eight throughout his life.

    Only the extremely talented one would level up to a level nine but it was extremely difficult to practice after hitting a level seven, and from a level seven to a level eight, the fastest would also take up about 20 years too. Meanwhile, one would need another 40 to 60 years just to level up to a level nine!

    And Celestial Master Zuo had actually requested her to level up to a level nine in 20 years! That was truly an impossible mission!

    "Celestial Master Di, this is too difficult; nobody can achieve it after all."

    Di Fuyi chimed in, "You're heaven's gift disciple! Do you think that it's easy to become one?"

    Yun Qingluo, "...The other heaven's gift disciple had also...also achieved a level nine within 20 years?"

    Di Fuyi folded his arms, "Are you doubting me?"

    Yun Qingluo quickly replied, "No, definitely not. Oh yes, what do you mean by the heavens will abandon me?"

    "Abandoned by the heaven would mean that all your external abilities will be taken back and you'll be thrown into the hellfire to receive heaven's eternal punishment."

    Yun Qingluo was shocked as she obviously did not think of the serious consequences. After she was stupefied for a moment, she looked hopefully at Di Fuyi, "This mission is too difficult. Celestial Master Di, can I stay with you? Then, it would be easier for me to seek your advice regarding the problems I have when I practise..."

    "No." Di Fuyi replied straightforwardly.

    Yun Qingluo choked, "Then, can I consult you more often?"

    "You are the heaven's gift disciple, I don't have the responsibility to teach you."

    "But...but you have the responsibility to urge the heaven's gift disciple to practice..." Yun Qingluo spoke with courage but she continued as she was afraid to enrage him, "I don't have any other alternative meanings but I just wanted to practice as fast as possible to achieve what you've requested."

    "Are you threatening me?"

    "No, I dare not. I just wanted to fulfil your request as soon as possible." Yun Qingluo continued speaking boldly.

    Because she realized that Gu Xijiu was not talking to Celestial Master Zuo with reverence and awe like the others did. It seemed that it was the reason why she attracted Di Fuyi's attention and that was the reason why he treated her in a special way...
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