Chapter 393: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize Ones Own Weakness 4

    Chapter 393: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize One's Own Weakness 4

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    Mu Feng sighed to himself as it was lucky that Long Siye had a level nine spiritual power, and was a well-known, excellent doctor and a heaven's gift disciple with the highest endurance. Otherwise, he would not even recover even if he rested for more than half a year!

    "Don't worry, Lord, although Overlord Long had his archaeus hurt, his external ability would be greatly enhanced. I believe it would be greatly improved after half a year."

    Though the two places were like hell, there were abundant anima, hence, it was a good place for meditation and practice.

    Generally, practicing indoors for three days was equivalent to a month's worth of outdoor practice.

    It would...would just hurt one's archaeus for staying too long.

    Di Fuyi was leaning there while tapping lightly on the side of the ship but nobody knew what was in his mind. After a while, he opened his eyes and smiled, "He's indeed very stubborn!"

    The four of them were confused, and could not understand what their master meant.

    "Drive 15 kilometres to the east." Di Fuyi suddenly ordered.


    Di Fuyi's ship could move very fast and in just a second, they had arrived.

    "Wait here." Di Fuyi ordered.

    "Yes." The four messengers replied and skillfully hid the ship within a dark cloud.

    After a while, a crane came from the far east.

    It was flying very fast and moved closer Di Fuyi's ship in just a blink of an eye.

    Someone was seen sitting on its back, had dark black hair and was wearing white robe. His face was covered with a silver mask except his wonderful chin and rather pale lips. Obviously, he was in a rush as he kept urging his crane to fly even faster.

    Long Siye!

    Mu Feng stared in horror at the person on the crane, as if he saw a ghost!

    A ship suddenly appeared in front of him while he was flying - which he almost banged into!

    With a long howl, the crane finally managed to stop in time, right in front of the ship's bow.

    "Overlord Long, it's been a while. How are you?" Di Fuyi was beaming and greeting him on the ship.

    Long Siye, "..."

    "Overlord Long, where are you going - you are in such a rush!" Di Fuyi asked again.

    Long Siye slightly pursed his lips and replied indifferently, "Do I need to report to you should I want to go anyway?"

    Di Fuyi chuckled, "Of course you don't have to as you are free to go everywhere. Only if you you aren't going to the Dark Forest, I'll not stop you from going anywhere else."

    Long Siye, "..."

    Di Fuyi looked at him with a smile, "You should know that a person who's being thrown into the Dark Forest for pretending to be a heaven's gift disciple can only come out of the forest by himself without any help. Otherwise, not only the person being rescued would be punished, the rescuer will be punished too, with an even more severe punishment."

    Long Siye pursed his lips tightly and eventually inquired, "Which part of the third peak has she been thrown into?"

    "Why don't you ask her yourself after she comes out?"

    Long Siye paused, turned his crane over and wanted to leave.

    "Overlord Long, I have set a Wizardry Barrier near the Dark Forest. As soon as she entered the third peak, nobody can enter but only come out. Are you sure you still want to go?"

    Long Siye suddenly turned and glared at him, "Di Fuyi, do you seriously want to have her killed?"

    "I just don't want to practice favoritism. And I don't want to have you punished again." Di Fuyi said with a sincere look.

    "Thank you for your goodwill!" Long Siye was so enraged that he did not want to continue the pointless conversation with Di Fuyi again. Therefore, he turned his crane and flew away.

    "Master, would he not be going to the Dark Forest anymore?" Mu Feng could not help but ask his master, as he watched Long Siye fly away.
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