Chapter 412: Live Or Die Together 3

    Chapter 412: Live Or Die Together 3

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    Danger always lurks and strikes at an unexpected moment, and it happens without any signs.

    When Gu Xijiu took out the two inner alchemies from the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipedes, one of them dropped by accident. They belonged to fire element, and thus, when it fell to the ground, it suddenly flashed and exploded.

    Gu Xijiu was shocked.

    Before she could pick up the dropped inner alchemy, the ground on the floor suddenly split, and she fell into the gap. Although she was shocked, she was not panicked. She kept using her palms to dispense power. Fortunately, the power she used was shot into the air to make a signal.

    How could this be?! How big had this hole been split into?

    Before she finished her thought, she heard a shout from the top, "I will come and save you!"

    "Phepanions, we should live or die together. I am a guy and I must protect a lady. If you fall, I will fall together with you.

    Si Chen talked as if he was a hero. While he was talking, he also sat up. However, he seemed to touch on the wound and hissed lightly.

    Gu Xijiu was speechless.

    She felt like she was always confused by Si Chen. However, although this guy was a bit pedantic, he was a very responsible man, so she did not leave him alone.

    She always felt that he was a bit mysterious. When he was beside her, he was hiding his true ability and she felt uncomfortable with that.

    She looked around and asked, "What is this place?"
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