Chapter 474: Reunion At the Hot Springs 2

    Chapter 474: Reunion At the Hot Springs 2

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    Gu Xijiu was still idling at the same spot where she was standing earlier.

    She did not hide and she was just standing not far from the prince brothers, but no one had seen her!

    She looked at her hands and took a look at the surroundings.

    Her hands were very clear and the scenery around her was also very clear. Even the moon in the sky was clear. She pinched herself and the pain told her she was not dreaming.

    She was confused and many things crept into her mind. Did her soul detach from her physical body? Did that mean that she could go wherever she wanted?

    The wind blew and at the very next second, she had appeared beside the steamy lake and saw the scene.

    She saw the strange lotus bud spinning in the water. When she was so curious about it, the water splashed on the lake water again and she could not believe what she saw.

    A man was sitting on the Lotus platform and his hair was hanging like a curtain and luckily enough, it covered most of the pubic region...

    Gu Xijiu had a pair of sharp eyes and she could definitely recognize that it was Di Fuyi!

    A naked Di Fuyi!

    That was too much for her mind to process; she was stunned!

    Of course, she was looking at Di Fuyi's naked body for a while until he jumped into the water. She finally regained her consciousness!

    She wanted to run away for the first time in her life...

    She immediately turned around and was ready to teleport away. Suddenly, a man appeared in front of her and she almost ran into his arms!

    Subconsciously, she took a few steps backward. She raised her head and saw Di Fuyi standing there in his purple robe and the robe was fluttering in the air as the wind blew.

    Gu Xijiu's heart was beating extremely fast! She felt like she was a little girl who was caught as tho she had peeped at a boy taking his shower. She could not wait to drill into the ground and escape!

    She reversed and said, "You... I..." She could not speak properly.

    She was confused and miserable. She thought no one could see her, but why could this person see her?

    Also, she could just go as she wished earlier, but it did not seem to work anymore...

    Gu Xijiu was now about 160 - 170 centimeters tall, but she was considered tiny when she stood in front Di Fuyi who was about 185 centimeters tall.

    Apparently, she felt stressed when she stood in front of him, as it almost suffocated her.

    She reversed again and suddenly, someone grabbed her arm.

    The palm was very hot; the heat could even diffuse into her bones!

    Gu Xijiu suddenly raised her head and coincidentally he lowered his head to look at her. Her forehead had perfectly slid past his lips...

    Both of them were so close to each other and her body almost leaned into his arms.

    He lowered his head, while she raised hers. Both of their faces were so close to each other to the extent they could smell each other's breath.

    A concentrated and nice fragrance was lingering around Gu Xijiu's nose. That was a familiar scent but it was now ten times stronger than usual as though she was enjoying some good wine and felt tipsy.

    He looked into her eyes as though she was going to drown in the black hole.

    Gu Xijiu's heart had skipped a few beats and she subconsciously wanted to push him away...

    However, he suddenly applied a stronger force and Gu Xijiu fell into his arms right away. His lips were then pressed onto her mouth which was ready to shout...

    Gu Xijiu's mind had crashed and her brain was blank.

    A deep kiss or a French kiss?

    The kiss was like a tornado which had pulled her into a cyclone...


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