Chapter 477: Reunion At The Hot Spring 5

    Chapter 477: Reunion At The Hot Spring 5

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    The first thing that crept into her mind was the weakest point of the body and where to dissect. Especially when it was a naked body, it was even easier for her to identify it. However, when she saw Di Fuyi's naked body, she did not relate it to dissection but instead was amazed by his body.

    His appearance was slutty enough to ruin a country, but his body figure was even worse! Even his nipples were extremely perfect!

    Unfortunately, he was sitting down, and his long hair covered the most vital part of his body.

    Gosh! Stop it! What was she thinking!?

    Gu Xijiu's face was as red as a cooked prawn.

    "Master, why is your face so red? What did you dream about?" The little kid in the mussel asked curiously.

    "Chepatible, and he saved you in the Dark Forest. Although you treated him coldly, you still went back to help him when he was in danger. You could have just run away, but you took the risk to teleport back and fought the poisonous corpses together with him. It was a good match and looked as though two swords were helping each other. Honestly, both of you look like a couple who have a love-hate relationship. It is normal for you to have a dirty dream about him."

    "Mussel! I think you're quite the expert in talking crap. Should I just give you a drug to make you mute!?"
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