Chapter 495: Pride and Bias 7

    Chapter 495: Pride and Bias 7

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    Hu Qingqing was red in the face with both anger and shame, she stared at the teenage boy, "Do I have to ask for your stupid permission for who I like? Qian Lingyu, you'd better watch yourself and make sure that you are not the last in the class again. Otherwise, you'd humiliate your family!" She stamped her foot and left.

    Qian Lingyu's clenched his fist which he immediately released. Then, with a grim smile, he turned to Gu Xijiu, "How did you provoke them?"

    Gu Xijiu replied, "Just by chance." She did not want to talk about it further. She swayed the dzeren's leg in her hand and asked, "Do you want to have some?"

    Qian Lingyu looked at the warm bonfire and then shifted his focus to her, "Are you having your meal alone? Alright, I'll try to accompany you!" And he sat directly opposite her, took the leg and took a bite.

    "Your barbeque skills are pretty good. This meat was grilled perfectly, and it's juicy and tasty."

    "The leg is mine!" The mussel had already got to his side without his knowing and grabbed the leg in his hand away.

    Qian Lingyu, "..." He turned sideways and met directly with the eyes of the little doll.

    He frowned, and the eyes of little doll immediately opened widely and glared angrily at him as if it was afraid that he would take away its leg.

    Gu Xijiu ordered the mussel, "Don't grab other peoples food or I'll not give you any more."

    The mussel looked at the leg in its hand and then at the whole dzeren, and it knew clearly which to choose, but it was rather unwilling to let go of the food in its hand. Then, it licked the leg before it passed it back to Qian Lingyu, "For you!"

    Qian Lingyu looked at the leg filled with its saliva, he pursed his lips and shook his head decisively, "No, I don't want it anymore!"

    The mussel immediately kept it back, "Master, you can't blame me because he doesn't want it."

    Gu Xijiu could not help to shake her head and thought that the mussel probably had an obsession with legs and liked to eat legs because it could not move fast.

    And that made her wanted to feed it with mosquito legs.

    She tore a piece of meat from the dzeren's body and gave it to Qian Lingyu. Then, she asked, "Why are you back again?" She thought that he would not come back anymore.

    Qian Lingyu grunted, "You seem pitiful, so I'm here to give you something."

    The mussel, which was hiding within its shell to swallow down its food, suddenly opened its shell, "What's it? Is it some delicious food? I heard that the food in the Tianju Hall tastes good. Are you bringing some here?"

    Qian Lingyu, "..."

    Gu Xijiu patted on its shell, "Stop being rude."

    "What type of mussel is it?" Qian Lingyu could not help but ask, "Other mussels have dark grey shells, but it has pinky-red..."

    The mussel immediately replied proudly, "Because I'm a special mussel."

    Then, it said impatiently, "What did you bring here actually? Take it out quick! Mincing is not an act of a gentleman!"

    Qian Lingyu wanted to kick it, but he felt it was unworthy for him to do so.

    He held back and asked Gu Xijiu, "Are you not curious?"

    Gu Xijiu replied, "Of course I'm curious."

    Qian Lingyu took out a royal-blue storage bag and swayed it, "It's all in here. I'll put it in your house later."

    "Something's smelling good! I'm here because of the smell, and I wonder if I can have some?" A cheerful voice was heard.

    Gu Xijiu raised her head and saw a person who came with a beast.

    The person was someone she knew. It was the eighth prince, Rong Che.

    And the beast was his mount, the Wind Caller.
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