Chapter 818: Youre Such A Playboy

    Chapter 818: You're Such A Playboy

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    Gu Xijiu's eyelashes flickered as she has regained her consciousness.

    Di Fuyi quickly sat upright and looked at her with a smile so that she would be shocked when she was awake. Of course, he wanted her to adapt to his existence slowly.

    Surprisingly, she was not awake but only turned her body and continued sleeping. She was mumbling, but could not hear much. He heard her calling his name though. He was so curious about it and wondered whether he had a place in her heart since she was calling his name in her dream.

    "Sweetheart, what did you say?" He asked softly. It was magical to lure the dreamer to tell you something about the dream without waking them up. Gu Xijiu mumbled again, but this time, she was calling Long Siye. Damn it! Di Fuyi almost had to hit himself on his chest!

    Wait, but she called his name first instead of Long Siye's!

    "Sweetheart, come on, tell me what you said! Di Fuyi... what about Di Fuyi?" He just wanted to know what she thought of him. He could not be bothered with Long Siye.

    "Di Fuyi... I... I won't love you... You're such a playboy..." Gu Xijiu finally said a complete sentence.

    Di Fuyi paused and said, "No, I'm not! I'm very loyal!" He then drew closer to her and continued promoting himself, "Sweetheart, could you love me? Hmmm, you'll realize I'm the best person for you if you love me. No one else can beat me..."

    Gu Xijiu twitched her mouth, and she could even talk to him in her dream, "No! I don't want you. You're so flirty! I, I don't even know whether you like men or women... I even feel I'm the mistress, the third wheel between you and Long Siye!"

    Di Fuyi ran out of words! What a huge misunderstanding! He immediately shivered! Di Fuyi straightened his body, and he had no idea why would she think of that. He quickly tried to figure out the interactions between himself and Gu Xijiu. Indeed, he realized he always tried to destroy her dates with Long Siye and that sounded wrong in her eyes. He was actually jealous of Long Siye being close to her.

    He drew nearer to her and argued, "Sweetheart, of course, I like women. I'm a normal man! You aren't the mistress. That's Long Siye! He's the third wheel between the two of us..."

    "You must follow the sequence..." Gu Xijiu seemed to have drowned deep in her dream, "I've dated him... since my previous life. Even if there... there's a mistress; it's not supposed to be me, it's you..."

    Di Fuyi frowned, "Gu Xijiu if you must identify a mistress, it should be Long Siye. The sequence is nothing in a relationship; it's just like the relationship between your mother and her older brother. They grew up together, and her older brother must have loved her so much. She was supposed to love him, but in the end, she fell in love with Gu Xietian, and she even ran away with him..."

    He paused and then continued, "Of course, Luo Xinglan didn't have a good sense of judgment, but that's not important. I was just using her as an example. Love has nothing to do with sequence okay? And you don't love Long Siye, you just like him. You like him as a brother..."
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